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The current eProcurement Solution otherwise known as the Integrated Procurement Solution (IPS) has been in operation since 1999 and facilitates the procurement of goods and services up to the value of R1000 000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There may be several reasons which are dependent on a case by case perusal i.e.:

  • WCBD 4 expired on the WCSEB – in order to receive RFQs for commodities selected, the suppliers profile needs to remain active on the WCSEB
  • Each institution has their own rotation policy and is responsible for a fair process – institutions can advise on their selection process criteria
  • Multiple email addresses: suppliers are encouraged not to add or use more than ONE (1) contact email address when amending their profile on IPS. Multiple email addresses create confusion when procuring entities select participants for RFQs
  • Given current financial crisis and limited available budgets, departments are limited to procuring essential goods and/or services that achieve the strategic objectives of the department. Hence there are fewer procurement opportunities than in previous financial years.

The IPS and WCSEB is currently only used for WCG tenders below a threshold value of R500 000.

To access tenders from other national departments or provinces, suppliers must contact the relevant treasury in such province, as departments in other provinces use various methodologies to procure goods and/or services and/or works.  This is determined by each department’s Supply Chain Policy and/or a Policy as issued by the relevant Provincial Treasury

Tenders may also be accessed via the official websites of national/provincial departments or via the National Treasury’s eTenders Portal ( as well as in the Government Tender Bulletin (

Currently the Government Tender Bulletin (as managed by the Government Printing Works) as well as the eTenders Portal are experiencing technical difficulties since early February 2021.  The National Treasury has placed a generic message on the eTender portal advising suppliers of the current challenges and that provinces are required to utilise alternative media platforms to advertise bids

The Western Cape Government has put in place the following interim measures:

  • Accounting officers and accounting authorities within the Western Cape will utilise the Western Cape Government website to publish bid advertisements, cancellations and awards as a primary mechanism and only where deemed necessary, their own institutional websites or any other means available until such time that the GTB and the e‑Tender Portal is operational;
  • The website may be accessed via the following url:;
  • Any queries in respect of the adverts, cancellations and awards published on the website must be directed to the contact person as indicated in the bid advertisement; and
  • A communication in terms of the interim measure was sent to all supplier registered on the Western Cape Supplier Evidence Bank (WCSEB).

As and when a department requires the goods, services and/or works. RFQs will be published by the relevant departments as and when required.

Changing of email addresses should be done on the CSD, this information will interface with the IPS and will be updated accordingly. However it should be noted that this change will not augment your username which is used to log into your IPS profile

If the supplier has clicked/selected “submit” under the overview tab and still receive RFQs on the old email, the matter will have to be referred to the WCSEB helpdesk for further investigation

A supplier can only create its IPS profile once they have received their 1st RFQ invitation. The RFQ received will contain a link which will redirect you to a site where you will be required to complete the webpage.

A WCSEB consultant can provide a video link on “how to register” and “how to quote” on the IPS or click on the following links to direct you to the relevant video’s:

How to register on Cloud demo:

How to Quote on the IPS Demo: 

Your feedback is highly valued and will assist in how we can help you. Please click here to complete the survey of the above videos.

IPS Helpdesk queries:  

You may send an email to the WCSEB helpdesk at and a consultant will provide you with a list of RFQs issued to your entity.

Going forward, the Provincial Treasury will develop this functionality on the system, to enable suppliers to access their profiles and the commodities that they are registered for.

It is highly recommended to only have one (1) user linked to your profile as it may create confusion within your business once you have more than one user.

This also creates room for uncompetitive behaviour and limits opportunities for other suppliers