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Driving a centre led approach for Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Moveable Asset Management (MAM) governance and performance requirements.

The Department provides policy direction and facilitates the management of SCM and MAM practices by conducting impact assessments of new policy requirements and testing key gaps and controls from a practical, efficiency gains and service impact perspective and issuing Provincial Treasury Instructions, pro-forma Accounting Officer’s System, pro-forma Standard Operating Procedures and templates and checklists. The unit further conducts compliance assessments at provincial departments to test compliance with SCM and MAM policy and prescripts and is comprised of the following 4 divisions:

  1. Capacitation and Development - Support is provided to SCM Practitioners and Suppliers in respect of the SCM environment. SCM skills and knowledge development is facilitated through bespoke and generic training interventions, helpdesk support, assistance and guidance, roadshows, database registration support and the SCM forum and sub fora. Various platforms are utilised to engage with suppliers and to ensure that they are capacitated and equipped in understanding the provincial SCM environment. 
  2. Policy & Governance - SCM is committed to availing information to all stakeholders on SCM policy and procedure to ensure that these stakeholders are kept abreast of the legislative framework within which government operates. Click here for a list of Circulars
  3. Strategic sourcing - The Western Cape Government (WCG) is committed to a strategic sourcing approach to procurement and has, over time, sought to progressively strengthen its SCM systems and practices in line with the requirements of section 217 of the Constitution and associated legislation. Strategic sourcing is the adoption of a differentiated approach to procurement that looks at the strategic importance of procurement; complexity of supply and the best approach to manage commodities that are core to service delivery.
  4. SCM Technology - The purpose of SCM technology is to improve and support SCM decision-making and support through evolving business intelligence, improved efficiencies and procurement system enhancements with technology as an enabler. The eProcurement System and the WCSEB are examples of platforms where this vision is realised and aligned to the strategy of technology enablement in the procurement space. Linkages and training material to these applications / systems e.g. videos, webinars, podcasts are available. Information on any updates to the systems e-Procurement architecture that are in-flight. i.e. new attractions and developments on the system will be provided in the form of news flashes.

Do you have a SCM or procurement related question? Click here for SCM FAQs

New! Procurement reporting – The first edition of the Procurement Disclosure Report was published in July 2020, a proactive initiative by the Provincial Treasury to provide the public, oversight bodies and other interested parties with useful information on public procurement activities related to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the focus of the first report was on Personal Protective Equipment, the scope will be incrementally expanded in order to provide a holistic view of all Western Cape Government procurement activities on a monthly basis. Click on the image to view or download this report.