Stakeholder engagement | Provincial Treasury
stakeholder engagement
  • Fiscal Policy Seminar - The Seminar is an interactive platform which provides an opportunity for stakeholders in the public, private and academic sectors to build on shared fiscal and economic ideas. The focus is on understanding the current monetary and fiscal policy dynamics and identifying economic and socio- economic opportunities which will drive delivery and strengthen citizen impact. 
  • MAYCO Members of Finance Workshop - The Provincial Treasury hosts an annual meeting between the Minister of Finance and the Mayoral Committee Members for Finance of the various local municipalities in the Western Cape. During this two-day session, presenters impart information regarding best practice in managing the finances of municipalities and to ensure that the Western Cape municipalities maintain and improve on their audit results. This ensures that municipalities have the necessary skills and knowledge in budget planning, implementation, oversight and reporting. It is important to instil good financial governance for sustainable development which leads to public value and service delivery.
  • Inter-governmental Forums