Oversight | Provincial Treasury

The Provincial Treasury plays an important oversight role within the Province at departments, municipalities and its public entity.

The work of Treasury is underpinned by enhanced Ministerial oversight. Close attention is paid to municipal reporting and key initiatives such as the Ministerial Infrastructure Oversight Committee.

Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board (WCGRB)

The Provincial Treasury exercise an oversight role of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. Its mission is to control and regulate gambling and racing within the Western Cape in a manner that will provide a stable, just, consistent and effective regulatory environment; inspire public confidence and trust; and ensure that the industry contributes to the economy of the Western Cape in a socially responsible manner.

The Board's strategic goal is to ensure that the Board, in pursuit of its mandate, in respect of gambling industry regulation, designs and utilises its structure, resources and processes for effective, efficient and optimal performance of its duties. The Board regulates gambling in the province to ensure that the industry is free from the criminal element, that the maximum benefit of the licensed activities is achieved, that such activities are fair to patrons, and that vulnerable persons are provided the relevant protection. In reaching these goals the Board will maintain and enhance a credible and well regulated industry that is highly respected both nationally and internationally.

The Western Cape Gambling and Racing Act 4 of 1996 provide for the establishment of a gambling and racing board, licensing of persons conducting gambling and for the licensing of persons engaged in gambling and the manufacture and sale of gambling machines and gambling devices, restriction, regulation and control of gambling as well as taxes on gambling and fees for applications and investigations. Click here to view the Act.

Click here to visit the WCGRB website.