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Supplier Evidence Bank going live

7 August 2019

The Western Cape Government Supplier Evidence Bank (SEB) is going live on 1 October to store governance documentation that serves as evidence in the procurement process.

In 2016 the National Treasury introduced the Central Supplier Database (CSD) to serve as the master data source for all supplier information for all spheres of government. The purpose of centralising governments’ supplier database is to reduce duplications of effort and cost for both supplier and government, whilst at the same time enabling electronic procurement processes. It is a mandatory requirement for suppliers to be registered on the CSD in order to do business with any government institution. Currently, the Western Cape Government requires that suppliers be registered on both the CSD and the WCSD in order to do business with any WCG institution as the CSD cannot currently store governance documents such as the WCBD 4, tax clearance certification, WCBD 6.1 and BBBEE certification/affidavits.

All suppliers not yet registered on the CSD are encouraged to register online via in order to do business with the WCG. Please ensure that supplier profiles are kept up to date on the CSD by amending information on the CSD via online profiles.

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