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Join us this Mandela Day

16 July 2019

What happens when you combine a handful of vegetables, one Giggling Gourmet and a dash of Magic?

Well, come and find out. Join Jenny Morris this Mandela Day for soup and bread preparation.

Bring that Magic Madiba spirit down to The Cape Quarter in Green Point this Mandela Day and be part of the 67 Minute initiative, brought to you by:

  • Jenny Morris
  • The Western Cape’s Ministry of Finance & Economic Opportunities
  • and Magic828!

All the soup and baked bread will go to The Service Dining Room to feed those who are hungry.

When: Thursday 18 July 2019 – 09:00 to 15:00

What is happening: Mass vegetable cutting.

What to bring:
– Soup vegetables
– A vegetable peeler
– A chopping board
– A knife and
– A bottle of cooking oil

Minister David Maynier, Jenny Morris and Magic828 presenters will be present on the day. Come and join us!