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Driving innovation through Virtual Accounting and Reporting Committee

13 July 2020

The Western Cape Provincial Treasury recently launched its Virtual Accounting and Reporting Technical Committee, providing a platform for deliberations on technical accounting matters.

Through this committee, MFMA and PFMA entities receive provincial researched advice and guidance on accounting matters, allowing the Provincial Treasury to keep its stakeholders abreast of the latest accounting developments in the MFMA and PFMA space.

"In an ever-changing and fast paced environment such as ours, it is important to evolve and align ourselves with the needs of our clients in order to meet their service expectations" said Aziz Hardien, Chief Director: Financial Governance and Accounting and chairperson of the committee. 

The committee comprise of Provincial Treasury staff in the MFMA and PFMA units, who are not only passionate about financial reporting and compliance, but also strive to be responsive to the needs of the entities they serve, in a structured manner.
To reap the benefits offered by this committee, we encourage our MFMA and PFMA entities to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise at their disposal by engaging with the committee.

For more information on the function of the committee, please send an email to: aziz.hardien@westerncape.gov.za.

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