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Calling for nominations to serve on Gambling and Racing Board

19 November 2019

Nominations are hereby invited for appointment to the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board in terms of Regulation 3 of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Regulations. The Board is an independent statutory body established in terms of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Act, 1996 (Act 4 of 1996) (“the Act”). The Board’s main objective is to, inter alia, control and regulate all gambling and racing activities in the Province, to collect all relevant taxes, levies, duties, fees and penalties, and to conduct ongoing research into gambling and racing.

The responsibilities of Board members include, but are not limited to: attending monthly Board meetings, conducting site visits, conducting assessments and participating in the activities of committees to which they have been appointed (Audit Committee, Limited Payout Machine Committee, Horseracing Committee, Casino Committee and/or Human Capital Committee).

Members of the Board must be eligible in terms of the Act, and be persons with appropriate knowledge and qualifications, especially in the fields of: social/ community welfare, finance, economics, accounting/auditing, law, business acumen and experience in exercising one of the responsibilities listed above.

In terms of Section 4 of the Act, in order to be eligible for appointment as a member, a person must:
a) be a natural person;
b) have attained the age of twenty-five years;
c) be a citizen of the Republic of South Africa and ordinarily reside in the Province of the Western Cape (The criteria to be utilised to determine whether
an applicant is ordinarily resident in the Province is available on request from Provincial Treasury);
d) be a fit proper person whose character, integrity, honesty, prior conduct, reputation, habits and associations are beyond reproach;
e) be of good financial standing; and
f) not be disqualified in terms of Section 5 of the Act.

In terms of Section 5 of the Act, the following persons are disqualified from being appointed to the Board:
a) anyone who has been convicted of an offence relating to gambling or racing;
b) anyone who has been convicted of an offence relating to dishonesty;
c) an unrehabilitated insolvent or anyone who is subject to any legal disability;
d) anyone who has been removed from any office of trust on account of misconduct;
e) any political office-bearer, and
f) anyone who, whether personally or through his or her spouse, an immediate family member, a partner or an associate or any person connected to such
person by marriage—
i) has or acquires any interest in any gambling business or activity, or
ii) has any interest in any business or enterprise that may conflict or interfere with the proper performance of his or her duties.

Successful applicants will undergo induction and training in the legislative provisions from which the Board’s role, functions and mandate derive. All short-listed candidates will be subject to probity investigations.

Eligible nominations must be sent to: The Accounting Officer: Provincial Treasury, 3rd Floor, Room W3-07, Provincial Legislature Building, 15 Wale Street, Cape Town (Private Bag X9165, Cape Town, 8000), for the attention of Ms C. Horton. Nominations close at 16:00 on 6 December 2019. Nominations must be accompanied by a brief curriculum vitae listing contact details, qualifications and applicable work experience of the nominee.

On receipt of a valid nomination, the Accounting Officer: Provincial Treasury will provide each nominee with an application form. Nominees must complete and return the form to the Accounting Officer: Provincial Treasury within twenty-one days from the date on which the form was placed at their disposal.

All candidates must be willing to provide their fingerprints and to disclose full details of their family, friends and associates and personal and business/financial information. This is in line with international standards that require probity investigations into all persons intending to be involved in the regulation of the gambling industry.

Nominations and appointment to the Board are subject to the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Act (Act 4 of 1996) and its Regulations. The Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board intends to achieve representivity among its members. Preference will therefore be given to designated groups, especially female candidates and people with disabilities, in its quest to achieve this. Enquiries can be directed to Ms C. Horton, telephone number 021 483 6037.

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