Meet our HOD (Acting) | Provincial Treasury
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Julinda Gantana joined the Western Cape Provincial Treasury in 2012 as Chief Director for Provincial Government Public Finance. Since joining the department she has acted as the Deputy-Director General: Fiscal and Economic Services on a number of occasions. In June 2019 she was appointed as the Provincial Treasury’s acting Head Official until her appointment as Deputy-Director General: Governance and Asset Management in 2020.

She was born and raised in Cape Town and obtained a higher diploma in Education from the University of the Western Cape, followed by an Honours degree in Psychology from the same institution. In 2009 she obtained her Master’s degree in Business Leadership from the University of South Africa.

Her dissertation focused on corporate governance and examined the relationship between the professional code of ethics, the moral climate of an organisation and the factors influencing employee behaviour in a highly regulated organisation in the South African public sector, the National Treasury.

Before starting her career in public finance, Julinda spent two years as an Educator. She then joined the Northern Cape Department of Finance as an Assistant Director in Budget Analysis. After seven years she took up a Deputy Director position in Budget Analysis at the National Treasury and in less than a year progressed to Director level. She was appointed as the Chief Director: Provincial Budget Analysis at the National Treasury after acting in the role for nearly a year.

Julinda is experienced in infrastructure performance monitoring, credible and sustainable budgeting, budget implementation, assessment of and reporting on provincial departmental and entity expenditure management. Through this experience she can also identify risks, develop and implement remedial action plans. Her in-depth knowledge and experience in strategic management, human resource management, change management, stakeholder engagement, intergovernmental coordination and relations as well as policy and regulation development makes her a valuable asset to the department.

Since 2015 until recently, Julinda served as a Board Member of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board and was the Chairperson of its Finance and IT Committee.

Julinda is passionate about people. She believes in active citizenship and volunteers in her community. In the workplace, she prioritise people development in order to optimise performance and achieve maximum citizen impact through service delivery. She is also a women’s rights activist and serve on the Women in Treasury Committee to create equal opportunities in the workplace and support gender mainstreaming.