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The Spatial Planning Directorate is responsible for provincial spatial planning in the Western Cape. In addition, it provides advice and support to other Western Cape Government departments, national departments, other organs of state, municipalities, the public, and the private sector on Spatial Planning and Land Use Management matters, as well as monitoring and overseeing the performance of spatial planning in the Western Cape

Spatial Planning is a strategic process, underpinned by evidence-based and normative urban and regional planning approaches, that seeks to organize, coordinate and integrate how the economy, society and the built environment operate in space, in a manner that is complementary over the long term, to the healthy functioning of natural ecosystems and landscapes, and the need to ensure their protection and restoration.

Spatial Planning seeks to:

  • ensure that integrated, long-term forward-planning is carried out at a municipal, regional and provincial scale, primarily through the development and implementation of Spatial Development Frameworks;
  • drive the national and provincial spatial development agenda through these and other planning instruments; such as, regional plans and municipal Integrated Development Plans;
  • promote better spatial planning practices through gathering and sharing spatial intelligence, and the development of tools; such as guidelines, practice notes; etc.; 
  • promote the implementation of spatial plans through sector plans and programmes, municipal, provincial and national budgets and land use management decisions; etc. and ;
  • facilitate spatial transformation through targeted interventions led by the Mobility and Spatial Transformation Priority in the Provincial Strategic Plan

The Spatial Planning Directorate partners with the Development Planning Intelligence Management and Research Directorate. This Directorate conducts research, gathers and develops intelligence and builds knowledge management platforms to support evidence-based development planning in the Western Cape.


Provincial Spatial Planning:

  • Western Cape Government Sector Planning Alignment: Embedding the Western Cape’s spatial development strategy – the – the Provincial Spatial Development Framework (PSDF) and Regional Spatial Implementation Frameworks (RSIF) - in the plans, programmes and budgets of the Western Cape Government Departments who have a major impact on the built environment.
  • Gender mainstreaming in provincial spatial planning

Regional Spatial Planning:

  • Regional Spatial Implementation Framework (RSIF) implementation facilitation and monitoring
  • Greater Cape Metro Region / Cape Winelands Growth Modelling and Demand Mapping

Municipal Spatial Planning:

  • Municipal Spatial Development Framework Support Programme
  • Capital Expenditure Framework Support Programme

Targeted Spatial Transformation Interventions:

  • Western Cape Inclusionary Housing Policy Framework


All PSDF GIS Data (Provincial Spatial Plan) can be accessed via our GIS page here.

Should you require more detailed information on any of the documents above, please don't hesitate to contact the directorate on the contact details below.

* The following documents have been superseded, if you would like to access them please do not hesitate to contact the Directorate: 

  • 2009 PSDF
    • Guidelines for Golf Courses, Golf Estates, Polo Fields and Polo Estates
    • in the Western Cape, 2005
    • Guidelines for Resort Developments in the Western Cape, 2005
    • Draft Western Cape PSDF Rural Land Use Planning and Management
    • Guidelines, 2009
    • Provincial Urban Edge Guideline, 2005
    • Western Cape PSDF Settlement Restructuring: An Explanatory Manual, 2009


PSDF_Summary Overview (pdf, 931.67 KB)


More resources, offering spatial intelligence for development planning, are available in our virtual Resource Centre for Development Planning. Should you wish to request access to this Resource Centre, please contact At this stage, this Centre will only be accessible to practitioners employed in municipalities or the Western Cape Government.


Director: Catherine Stone Email:

Tel. 021 483 4796

Adetunji Adebayo (Provincial Spatial Planning)


Tel. 021 483 0788

Marek Kedzieja (Region 1 – Cape Town / West Coast)


Tel. 021 483 4525

Tania De Waal (Region 2 – Cape Winelands / Overberg)


Tel. 021 483 4360

Allan Rhodes (Region 3 – Garden Route / Central Karoo)


Tel. 021 483 0764