Departmental Objectives | DEA&DP
Strategic Outcome Goal 1: Sustaining the Ecological and Agricultural Resource-basess

To enable and promote growth and sustainable development in the Western Cape through sustaining the ecological and agricultural resource-basess.

Strategic Outcome Goal 2:  Sustainable and Integrated Urban and Rural Settlements

Enhance service delivery through the development and use of innovative systems and processes in environmental management and integrated development planning within the Province that are effective and efficient.

Strategic Outcome Goal 3: Good Governance and Integrated Management 

The Department will enable and promote growth and sustainable development in the Western Cape through:

  • Efficient, effective and responsive Provincial governance
  • Strategic partnerships – nationally, internationally and inter-sectorally
  • Facilitating accessibility for the public, with effective community engagement processes
  • Providing transversal leadership for policy alignment and integrated planning, budgeting and implementation
  • Spatial governance targeting and performance
Strategic Outcome Goal 4:  Increased Economic Opportunity through Low-carbon Development, Resource Efficiency and the Biodiversity Economy

To increase opportunities for resource efficient and low-carbon development and to establish a viable Biodiversity Economy that enables investment for the restoration, conservation, and sustainable use of ecosystem goods and services, and ecological infrastructure.

The Department will undertake this through:

  • Leadership and participation in the EPWP Environment and Culture Sector
  • Research to support Green Economy expansion within the areas of the Department’s mandates
  • Formulating the emissions mitigation scenarios for the Western Cape Province
  • Co-ordinating efforts to establish a Western Cape Biodiversity Economy inter-governmental structure
  • Co-ordinating support to the Waste Recovery Economy
  • Promoting and facilitating Green Government Procurement mainstreaming efforts