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About Us:

The Directorate is responsible for providing a development planning intelligence, research and policy coordination service.

The service seeks to promote spatial transformation in order to bring about a resilient, sustainable, quality and inclusive living environment in support of human well-being.

Capacity building of municipalities and other stakeholders, to improve their development planning intelligence, is critical in achieving a more resilient and sustainable environment, that will also empower an inclusive and transformative spatial economy.

The Directorate partners with the other Directorates in the Department to achieve a cohesive working environment that promotes learning, sharing and innovation.

The Directorate was established in 2015 as a response to the implementation of a new planning regime and has a transversal and transformational agenda.

The Directorate conducts research, gathers and develops intelligence and builds knowledge management platforms to support evidence-based development planning in the Western Cape.


Manage Development Planning Intelligence

Collection, engineering, analysis and sharing of relevant development planning data and information, in order to build capacity of stakeholders and support informed decision making and planning.

Conduct Development Planning Research

Define and lead a common development planning research agenda with stakeholders.

Coordinate Land Use Planning Policy

Collaborate with internal and external partners to monitor and evaluate land use policy formulation, review and implementation. We lead in the maintenance of a development planning policy database.




Resource Centre for Development Planning:

A SharePoint online platform dedicated to the dissemination of Development Planning information and data.  The platform was established as a first-generation sharing environment, to aid in decision making, collaboration, policy alignment and spatial transformation throughout the Province.  The main themes on the site include:

Spatial Transformation

Growth Potential

Urbanisation, Migration and Population

Gender Research

Municipal Support

Research Agenda and Resource Library

Should you wish to gain access to this Resource Centre, please contact  In the test phase, the Centre will only be accessible to practitioners employed in Municipalities and the Western Cape Government.

Helpful links

Environmental and Development Planning Atlas

The following sites can be linked to from the platform: SANBI, CapeNature and Western Cape Department of Agriculture.

South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas

SARVA is an initiative of the Department of Science and Innovation and forms a 10-year Global Change Grand Challenge.

African Journals Online

SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF GEOMATICS:  Article: Adapting the Dyna-CLUE model for simulating land use and land cover change in the Western Cape Province.

Disaster Management Decision Support Tool

The Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002, Section 30 (c) and 32 (b) makes it compulsory for a Provincial Disaster Management Centre to have a database that contains all data relevant to disaster management. It also prescribes that this data be disseminated to all disaster management stakeholders.

National Geospatial Information

Chief Directorate: National Geo-spatial Information Geospatial Portal facility provides a Geographical User Interface (GUI) for CD: NGI clients to interact with geospatial data and to download data content made available in the portal.

Land Value Capture

Financing more inclusive cities: The National Land Value Capture Programme works towards the institutionalisation of Land Value Capture tools and strategies in South African metros.


Director:  Helena Jacobs

Intelligence Management: Riëtte Fourie

Policy Coordination: Natasha Murray

Research: Dylan Johnstone