Development Planning Intelligence Management and Research | DEA&DP

About Us:

The Directorate was established on 1 April 2015, as a result of an internal departmental restructuring process which responded to the implementation of a new planning regime, underpinned by newly promulgated planning legislation (LUPA and SPLUMA).

Our main business is to:

  • Ensure the effective management and implementation of a development planning intelligence management and research function.
  • Collaborate with other partners and stakeholders to coordinate provincial land use policy formulation, review and implementation.
  • Build and maintain an intelligence / information HUB that will assist stakeholders with informed decision making and planning.


Manage Development Planning Intelligence

Build capacity of municipalities & other spheres of government by:

  • Identifying, collecting, storing, packaging & sharing of relevant development planning data & information.
  • Coordinating the spatial depiction of relevant development planning data & information. 

Conduct Development Planning Research

Define and lead a common development planning research agenda with stakeholders.

Coordinate Land Use Planning Policy

  • Monitor local municipalities’ ability to perform their land use planning functions effectively.
  • Lead & coordinate the development, review and implementation of relevant provincial land use planning policy.

Development Planning Intelligence Management Strategy

State of Development Planning Report

Provincial Spatial Development Framework

Growth Potential of Towns Study


Director:  Helena Jacobs

Intelligence Management: Riëtte Fourie

Policy Coordination: Yolisa Mabentsela

Research: Nathaneal Jacobs