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About us:

The Oxford Dictionary defines “facilitate” as “to make an action or a process possible or easier”.

Our main aim is therefore to facilitate environmental and planning processes to bring about sustainable development. In this regard, we work:

  • horizontally within the Environmental and Development Planning Department and across all Provincial Departments
  • vertically across spheres of Government
  • inward looking -focussing on government- and outward looking –focussing on the public

Our approach is to:

  • build strong partnerships (internal & external)
  • collaborate horizontally and vertically
  • support, empower and add value
  • be solutions-and-impact-focussed
  • continue to learn and improve

Our Services:

A) Development Facilitation and Land Assembly

  • Facilitating cooperation and coordination between organs of state from a land assembly perspective.
  • Providing planning and environmental impact management advisory services to organs of state.
  • Providing support, advice and guidance to the Western Cape Government and Local Municipalities relating to land assembly processes, including site selection and site screening from a planning and environmental perspective.
  • Facilitating the resolution of land use management and environmental impact management related conflict.
  • Assisting selected private sector initiatives with screening, scheduling and facilitation of their sustainable development projects within the Western Cape.
  • Coordination of specific comments relating to environmental impact assessment processes.

B) Capacity Building

  • Coordinating DEA&DP’s internal and external environmental and planning capacity building activities.
  • Facilitating internal capacity building programmes.

C) Municipal Support

Coordinating DEA&DPs involvement in the Municipal Integrated Development Planning (IDP) and Local Government Medium Term Expenditure Committee (LGMTEC) processes through:

  • Mainstreaming of development and environmental planning intelligence into Municipal IDPs, SDFs, Sector Plan and Budgets.
  • Coordinating DEA&DP involvement in the assessment of Municipal IDPs, SDFs, Sector Plan and Budgets.
  • Coordinating input and participating in engagements with District and Local Municipalities.
  • Coordinating municipal support plans.


  • Coordinating and managing the planning and implementation of regional and/or sector-based development planning initiatives (e.g. Regional Socio-Economic Project (RSEP) and the Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) Programme). Visit the RSEP/VPUU website to read more:

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