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The Directorate Development Facilitation (DDF), in partnership with the different components of the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEA&DP) and other partners, provides advice and support to municipalities, other organs of state and the private sector on environmental and planning matters. Pro-active advice and support is provided through the coordination of the compilation and implementation of:

  • the Municipal Support and Capacity Building Strategy (including the development of a Municipal Support Plan for each Municipality);
  • the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Support and Capacity Building Strategy;
  • the Environmental Support and Capacity Building Strategy; and
  • the Land Assembly, Catalytic Initiatives and Regeneration Programme.

As part of the provision of pro-active advice and support the DDF also tracks the progress with all public sector environmental applications and pro-actively provides advice and support where required. Special Projects are also implemented to provides specific support to Municipalities. The DDF, however, also provides re-active advice and support in response to ad hoc requests.


Sub-Directorate: Development Facilitation Services

  • Assist and support municipalities, Provincial and National Government Departments with screening (pre-feasibility and pre-application screening), scheduling and facilitating their sustainable development projects within the Western Cape.
  • Facilitate coordination and cooperation between organs of state in consideration of land use management and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) applications.
  • Facilitate the resolution of land use management and environmental impact management related conflict as it pertains to Municipalities, Provincial and National Government Departments, as well as State Owned Enterprises.
  • Provide Land Use Management and Planning and Environmental Impact Management advisory services to municipalities, Provincial and National Government Departments.
  • Assist Provincial Government Departments with the appointment and management of their planning and environmental consultants.
  • Assist selected private sector initiatives with screening, scheduling and facilitation of their sustainable development projects within the Western Cape.
  • Facilitate the resolving of land use management and environmental management related conflict as it pertains to selected private sector sustainable development initiatives.
  • Provide land use management and planning and environmental impact management advisory services to selected private sustainable development projects.
  • Proactively facilitate the initiation and implementation of the provincial land assembly programme, catalytic initiatives and regeneration programme strategies and action plans.

Sub-Directorate: Municipal Integrated Development Planning (IDP) & Local Government Medium Term Expenditure Committee (LGMTEC) Support

  • Coordinate DEA&DPs involvement in the Municipal Integrated Development Planning (IDP) and Local Government Medium Term Expenditure Committee (LGMTEC) process through:
  • Assisting with the drafting of IDPs and relevant sector plans by ensuring the mainstreaming of development planning intelligence such as growth management planning information, infrastructure planning information and scenario planning information into IDPs.
  • Assistance with the adherence to the relevant legislative requirements in terms of specific sector plans and facilitating alignment (intra and inter Municipal, intra and inter Provincial and between Municipal, Provincial and National government).
  • Coordinating DEA&DP involvement in the assessment and amendments of IDPs and the relevant sector plans.
  • Participate in LGMTEC reviews and engagements.
  • Coordinate DEA&DPs attendance of the IDPs, LGMTEC and other related intergovernmental relations (IGR) fora such as District Coordination Forums (DCFs) and DCF technical forums.
  • Providing specific support following from the IDP, LGMTEC and IGR engagements.

Sub-Directorate: Capacity Building Services

  • Coordinate DEA&DP’s internal and external environmental and planning capacity building activities.

Sub-Directorate: Special Programmes and Projects (RSEP/VPUU)

  • Coordinate and manage the planning and implementation of regional and/or sector based development planning initiatives (e.g. Regional Socio-Economic Project (RSEP) and the Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) Programme).


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Sub Directorate: Development Facilitation Services

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