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Public Information: H

General information publications, listed alphabetically. These documents are also placed under the relevant life events and categories in Your Life and Topics.

WoW! is a Healthy Lifestyles partnership initiative of the Western Cape Government and its valued partners. WoW! aims to enable people to make Healthy Lifestyle choices throughout our life course - from planning Pregnancy and Birth to Youth, Adult and Senior Years. Choices we make today about how we live (LIVE!), the types of food we eat and drink (EAT!), and how often we do physical activities (PLAY!), affect our future health. 

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This is one the lead strategies for the development of the Western Cape.

Call for applications to participate in the halal value chain cluster development programme

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism invites companies to submit applications for participation in the Halal Value Chain Cluster Development Programme.

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This handbook contains Government's policies and standards for achieving interoperability and seamless information flow across government as well as the wider public sector.
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This handbook introduces the Whole-School Evaluation framework and the process by means of which these evaluations take place. It also outlines how the evaluation will be used to inform improvement strategies and capacity building. Finally, the handbook sets out the responsibilities of the different government and educational institutions.
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This handbook provides information on programmes aimed at providing assistance to SMMEs in the tourism industry. It contains details on the criteria for funding, the application process and the contact details of the relevant institutions.
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The "Hands off Our Children" campaign pamphlet describes the philosophy of the campaign which seeks to ensure that communities look after their children.
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This brochure gives a summary of the requirements for a legal tourist guide in South Africa, the regulations for tour operators and tourist guides, and key points from the tourist guide Code of Conduct and Ethics.
This is the newspaper ad and job bulletin advertising various vacancies in the Department of Health, Western Cape.

This section contains documents relating to health research in the Western Cape.

These guides provide practical tips on how to lead a healthier life, from nutrition to exercise to sun safety.

Potato chips may be a popular food choice at schools, but it’s not the healthiest choice. 

Tuberculosis is treatable. Find out how we can beat TB in the Western Cape.

If you've had a bad experience at a public hospital, send a “Please Call Me” to 079 769 1207 and we'll call you back to resolve your complaint.

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This brochure provides tourists with basic precautions that should be taken to ensure that their stay is safe and pleasant. The precautions are divided into three sections - at the hotel, in the street and in the car - and written in a number of foreign languages. Key contact numbers are also provided.

Find out how and where to get help for young people that’s still at school and displaying emotional and behavioural problems which, currently or in future, may lead them to be in trouble with the law.

Owning a heritage property holds considerable appeal and will add tremendous value to your property. If you believe that you may own a heritage property and would like to register it, here’s how you can do it.

On 24 September each year, South Africans come together to celebrate Heritage Day. Heritage Day encourages South Africans to celebrate their culture, beliefs and traditions. 

Are you a budding treasure hunter? Strap on your boots, explore our province and enter Heritage Hunt!

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This document contains details of meetings scheduled for the Council, APM, Belcom, Appeals, StratPlan and Exco. Details are also given of deadlines for agendas and inputs to these meetings.
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The Western Cape High Court has confirmed that nearly all categories of sex offenders are immune from punishment in South Africa due to loopholes in the Sexual Offences Act. The court upheld a decision by the Riversdale magistrate's court that a respondent charged with forcibly fondling a woman could not be sentenced because there is no penalty for such behaviour in the new Sexual Offences Act.
The Cape High Court Roll lists the daily court proceedings (cases to be heard) of the Cape High Court.
This guide provides information on how you can avoid hijacking situations. Its creation was sponsored by Netstar.

Manenberg has been identified as a key area for urban transformation. The community is plagued by gang violence and drug abuse which poses great danger to its development.

Some challenges outlined by the community include:

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Take the test and see how much you know about HIV&Aids.

Everyone in South Africa is encouraged, from individuals to communities, businesses and government, to take personal and collective responsibility to stop new HIV infections, to give care and support to those with HIV, and to ensure access to treatment for people in need.

The Western Cape Department of Health and Wellness offers several services to ensure that pregnant women and babies have access to HIV services, integrated with all the other aspects of perinatal care and care offered beyond 2 years of age.

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Having HIV/AIDS does not mean you have to give up your relationship. This pamphlet gives advice to couples in which one of the partners is HIV positive.
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An easy-to-understand list of the basic rights that people living with HIV/AIDS have recourse to in terms of the Bill of Rights, which is enshrined in the SA Constitution.
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A simplified version of the law regarding the rights of employees who have HIV/AIDS. Advice and information is suggested for employers on how to deal with workers who are living with HIV/AIDS.
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The Technical Assistance Guidelines (TAG) are intended to complement the previously adopted 'Code of Good Practice on Key Aspects of HIV/AIDS and Employment' of 2000 within the framework of the policy options indicated in the Employment Equity Act of 1998. The TAG aims to equip employers and other role players with practical tools to eliminate unfair discrimination based on HIV in the workplace.

This document contains information on the management of HIV/AIDS in schools and the rights and responsibilities of learners, educators and parents with regards to HIV/AIDS. Answers are provided to some of the common questions such as whether HIV positive learners can be excluded from school, whether schools can test learners for HIV and how schools can prevent the risk of HIV transmission in the school environment. Advice is also provided on drafting a school HIV/AIDS policy.

Your life circumstances may lead you to the decision to rent or buy a home. This decision requires you to carefully consider many factors such as affordability and the responsibilities of a homeowner.

Safety measures in the home to make sure that you can enjoy your independence for longer.


Parents may have different reasons why they want their children to receive home education. The Western Cape Education Department helps to start and facilitate the process.

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This document outlines what home-based supervision is and how it can be used to minimise the number of children detained in prisons and other residential facilities.

Homelessness is a complex and difficult issue. There's different ways that you can help to make a difference in the lives of those that need it most.

Are you homewise? Do you know your government housing options?


If you have any queries about housing, you can approach your nearest Housing office (listed below) or visit the:

Housing Information Kiosk
Second Floor
Cape Town Civic Centre (on Hertzog Boulevard in central Cape Town).
021 444 0333
Housing Information Branch
50 Wale Street
Cape Town

08h00 – 13h00, Mon - Fri

Housing database queries can be e-mailed to 

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This policy defines the core elements which municipalities in the Western Cape have use when drafting policies for selecting beneficiaries for housing projects.

If you wish to register for the first time or update your details on the Housing Demand Database (i.e. housing waiting list):


Residents within the greater Cape Town region may contact City of Cape Town:

This information pack aims to help anyone who wish to start a tourism business. Included are valuable contact details as well as an overview of policies impacting on the tourism industry.
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Prevent HIV, know your status and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from getting HIV.

Following a healthy lifestyle while pregnant and making informed choices is important for your and your unborn child’s health. Avoid alcohol, drugs and tobacco products and ensure that you and your unborn child receive all the nutrients you need to thrive.

Getting a driver's licence is necessary if you want to get behind the wheel legally. Here's what you'll need to do to apply for or renew your driver's licence.

Before you apply

All South Africans can now apply for the new Smart Identity card. Here's how. 

Your South African ID is one of the most important documents used to access services for general purposes and day-to-day activities in society.

The Department of Home Affairs started rolling out the new, more secure smart ID card. 

From abusive behaviour on the school playground to disrespecting classmates on social media, bullying is a widespread problem that can affect your child’s mental and emotional health.

Western Cape Minister of Education Debbie Schäfer has urged parents and learners to report incidents of bullying. “It saddens me both as a parent and the provincial minister for education that bullying is a real issue in many of our schools.” She said parents are key to identifying behavioural changes in their children.

What is sexual harassment?

How to Enter?

Download entry forms per category:

Emerging Business

An extract from the publication "Facilitating Entrepreneurship in Tourism", this guide is aimed at helping tourism entrepreneurs to start up new businesses in the tourism sector. It includes information on how to find out about different businesses regulations and ensure that your business abides by them.

These are guides to completing your tax returns for the 2005/06 tax year. There are seven different tax returns which are distinguised from one another by colour.

These are guides to completing your tax returns for the 2006/07 tax year.

Western Cape matrics, the wait for your results is over!

How to get your results
  1. On Friday 21 January 2022, you can visit the Western Cape Education Department's website (available from 11:00 onwards).

The South African National Defence Force Reserves is a voluntary and part-time directorate of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). Joining the reserves gives you the opportunity to serve your country, if you would like to join the reserves here's how.

There's often no way to prevent a flood, but there are many ways to keep safe and ensure that you and your family are safe. Floods are usually caused by storms that bring heavy rain and can cause serious damage once the water accumulates on land and enters homes and other buildings. People living in low-lying areas are most affected.  Other possible causes include: 

A burn is one of the most devastating injuries. It leaves in its wake both physical and mental anguish on a child.

Many burn injuries are accidental and are a common cause of unintentional injury – preventative care can reduce the likelihood of an unintended incident.

The festive season can easily take a toll on your finances – you tend to spend more on food, gifts and holidays than you intended to – leaving you with the credit blues in the new year.

This publication contains suggestions on how to save water at home, at work and in your garden. It can be a simple exercise to save 10% on your annual water bill without drastically changing your lifestyle.

Businesses and individuals can support people with intellectual and physical disabilities by supporting the services and products produced by the workshops to which they belong.

The Law Society of South Africa is hosting it's National Wills Week from 16 to 20 September 2019. If you don't have a will in place or simply can't afford a lawyer, National Wills Week offers you an opportunity to have a will drafted for free. You can book an appointment with a participating lawyer nearest to you.

The Western Cape Government eCentre programme has become an important programme in rural and underprivileged communities because it helps make information and communication technology available and easily accessible to the people living in these communities.

The WCG eCentres offer access to computers and free internet where users can make use of a variety of services such as:

The Western Cape Government is passionate about giving more people in our province the opportunity escape poverty and live better lives. We believe that the best and most sustainable way to do this is to create an environment in which businesses can grow – because growing economies create jobs.

In February/March 2015, Western Cape Government Health together with the National Department of Health and the Department of Education, had professional teams travelling to schools across the Western Cape. Their aim was to vaccinate all girls in Grade 4, who were nine years and older and who attend a public or special school, against Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

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This is a calendar of events for the DPLG Human Rights Committee for 2003.

All South Africans are guaranteed their human rights as set out in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Find out where you can go If you feel that your rights are violated.

Human Rights Day is more than just a public holiday. It commemorates a day that gave South Africans the basis of one of the country’s most important documents, the Bill of Rights. 

Planning Cycle

The project planning cycle takes a full calendar year to complete. The execution of the planning cycle is the responsibility of the Director: Provincial Planning.

The Department of Human Settlements is responsible for developing sustainable integrated human settlements in South Africa. The Western Cape Department of Human Settlements can be contacted for queries related to the Western Cape only. Citizens outside of the province should contact their respective provincial human settlement departments through the links below should they have enquiries.

Defined as a modern-day form of slavery, human trafficking can be put to an end when we are well informed. 

In a celebration of Heritage Month 2014, Heritage Western Cape (HWC) has focussed on the declaration of four new Provincial Heritage Sites that our history and diversity. From an ancient archaeological site that holds evidence pertaining to the origins of all humans to a cultural landscape consisting of early cape vernacular architecture to a school that has overcome tremendous odds to reach excellence as well as a cathedral around which numerous protests rallied, these sites truly reflect our colourful cape.

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This document provides information on the pilot e-plan competition that was run in 13 secondary schools in the Oostenberg region in 2002.