How to Fill in your Tax Return: 2005/06 | Western Cape Government

How to Fill in your Tax Return: 2005/06


These are guides to completing your tax returns for the 2005/06 tax year. There are seven different tax returns which are distinguised from one another by colour.

  • IT12SS - an orange form for taxpayers who received a salary but no allowances against which deductions can be claimed
  • IT12S - an olive green form for taxpayers who earn a basic salary and also receive allowances against which a deduction can be claimed
  • IT12B - a blue form for taxpayers who received investment income, as well as to directors of companies and members of close corporations
  • IT12BU - a burgundy form issued to taxpayers with trading and farming income
  • IT12EI - a tangerine form issued to taxpayers approved as exempt institutions
  • IT12TR - a purple form issued to trusts
  • IT14 - a green form issued to companies and closed corporations
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