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Have Your Say in the 2012 National Budget

Have an opinion on how the national budget for 2012 should be spent? Your suggestions are welcome! Find out how to submit your ideas.

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What is the Budget Speech?
The budget speech is the government's spending plan for the coming financial year. In the speech, the National Minister of Finance explains how the government will be allocating money to the government's different objectives and programmes.

Why is the Budget Speech Important?
The budget speech is important because it outlines the government's priorities for the next financial year. Budget allocations are a key indicator of the level of importance the government places on certain issues.

When and Where Does It Take Place?
The national budget speech will be presented to Parliament by the Minister of Finance on 22 February 2012.

Have Your Say!
If you have a suggestion for the Minister of Finance on how best to spend the country's budget, you can submit your suggestion on this webform.

Where Can I Read the 2011 Budget Speech?

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