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Help us make our health services even better

(Western Cape Government)
Hospital The Western Cape Government Department of Health wants to ensure you receive only the best service. 
If you're unhappy with the care or treatment you received from a Western Cape Government health facility, send a “Please Call Me” to 079 769 1207 or call 0860 142 142 to lodge your complaint.
This communication channel is specifically for patients who are unhappy about health services and want to receive a quick response the same day.
What is the Complaints Project?
  • Former Western Cape Minister of Health, Theuns Botha, first launched the complaints pilot project in 2012. The project allows citizens to raise concerns if they're unhappy and dissatisfied with the service they receive at health facilities.
  • This project doesn't replace the current complaints procedure but merely offers you another opportunity to inform the department of unsatisfactory service you might experience at a health facility.
How do I send a complaint?
  • SMS the word "Help" – followed by your name, the nature of your complaint, facility and, if applicable, the name of a staff member to 31022.
  • Call 0860 142 142 and press "1".
  • Send an email to
When can I make use of the service?
  • A call centre was set up to attend to SMSes, calls and emails between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday. You can still send complaints after these hours, but these queries will only be dealt with the next day at 7am.
How much does it cost?
  • Standard SMS rates apply.
  • Cost of a local telephone call from anywhere in South Africa.
What information is required?
  • Your name and surname.
  • The name of the facility you're complaining about.
  • The nature of your complaint or the incident.
  • If the complaint is about a staff member, you should provide his/her name.
Who will contact me?
  • Initially, you'll be contacted by the call centre agent who'll take down all your information. Once the matter is resolved, you'll get another SMS confirming the outcome the person at the facility discussed with you.
How soon will I get a response after sending an SMS?
  • You'll get a SMS acknowledging your complaint and a reference number after all of the details have been captured on the electronic system. If your complaint can be resolved immediately, the call centre agent will contact you within 20 minutes. If it's a complex complaint, staff at the facility have been tasked to make contact with you within 20 minutes to let you know what steps will be taken.
If the complaint requires further attention, the details will be sent to the official at the facility who's tasked with handling call centre complaints. The facility official will then contact the complainant and provide progress about the complaint, or report its outcome, on a web-based monitoring system within 2 hours.
Once the complaint is resolved,  you'll receive another SMS to confirm the outcome. You'll also receive a phone call to confirm if you're satisfied. If you're not satisfied, you'll be informed of other avenues – for example, approaching the Independent Complaints Advisory Commission.
Listen to the radio ads of the health complaints project in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa:



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The content on this page was last updated on 6 August 2019