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As a response to the water crisis and to help businesses adjust to the “New Normal” of water scarcity the Sustainable Water Use Journey has been mapped out and proposes actions for each step of the journey. As a first step, the below outlines what businesses can do to reduce their consumption.

Reduce Water Consumption Continuum
Sustainable Water Use Journey, GreenCape

Support Available to Businesses

There is a variety of free support available to businesses looking into reducing their water consumption

GreenCape's water programme concentrates on two broad areas: to improve the productive use of water to support sustainable economic development; secondly, to promote the uptake of green technologies and businesses. Visit the Water Sector Desk's website for more information. To support businesses during the drought, they have set up a Drought Business Support Page which consists of information on each step of the Sustainable Water Use Journey and the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that GreenCape receive from business with regards to the drought, and their answers.

Alternatively you can contact for business support in scoping for water solutions including:

  • Independent advice on possible solutions for increasing water efficiencies, reusing or recycling water and supply options;
  • Contacts for consultants and technology suppliers that could assist further;
  • Case studies and business case calculations for industrial water users and wineries

GreenCape also runs water-focused networking and information sharing events. Sign-up to be a member and receive invites:

For businesses within the Agriculture sector, tools and water-related research is available on the GreenAgri website, which includes information on:

For any agriculture related queries you can contact

The 2018 Water Market Intelligence Report produced by GreenCape, which highlights business opportunities for water in the green economy in the Western Cape, is available for free download. 

For general water for the economy programme support including:

  • Industry engagements;
  • Links with municipalities and the Western Cape Government;
  • Licensing issue
  • Business related communications

Please contact or or

In response to business concerns around the water crisis, a Western Cape Business Support FAQ has been developed to address some of the issues that have been raised. 

For businesses located within the City of Cape Town there is a plethora of information on how to contribute to use water efficiently and minimise wastage. For convenience they have set up a City Business Enquiry Service that will provide information on the City’s procedures and processes. Please contact

Use this poster to share what your business' water consumption is.

Alternative and recycled water sources for your business or organisation

The City of Cape Town's website has information on:

  • Commercial water restrictions
  • Alternatives/Recycled Water Sources 
    • Information on boreholes and wells
    • Treated effluent re-use
    • Re-using grey water
    • Collecting rain water

For all the details on applying and making use of an alternative water system click here. This includes if your business is able to make use of treated effluent for irrigation or industrial purposes to assist in conserving the supply of potable water. You can apply to do so with the City of Cape Town via 

The City also has a rebate available of up to 30% of the capital cost for large consumers investing in significant improvement on quality or zero generation of effluent. For more information email:

Please take note of the statement made by the Department of Water and Sanitation titled 'Water from private boreholes is not meant for sale'

Raising Awareness on reducing water consumption 

The City of Cape Town has instituted Level 5 water restrictions since 1 October 2018 which limit water consumption to 70 litres of potable water per person per day. The City's Residential Water and Sanitation Services website provides all you need to know about current water restrictions and how you can save water at home. The City's Water Map provides information on household water use, treated effluent collection points and pressure management points. 

If you are looking at making use of alternative water sources, the necessary information can be found here. As residents have frequently asked about the use of sea water as an alternative source in their home, the City of Cape Town has developed Guidelines for the Collection and Use of Sea Water for Household Purposes During the Cape Town Water Crisis. Information on Water Management Devices can be found here. The City of Cape Town has also indicated that all water users in the metro should expect water rationing (reduced water supply) which will help see Cape Town through the drought. This guide provides all the necessary information. 

Communication Material to Raise Awareness

The City of Cape Town has developed this great poster as a guide on how to survive on 50 litres per person per day. 

For materials to raise awareness amoungst employees and guests clickhere. While these have been developed by the City of Cape Town, these can be easily adapted for businesses outside of Cape Town. 

If your business is in the tourism industry, this FAQ on Cape Town Water & Tourism has been developed to provide information for travellers visiting the City. For further enquiries relating to tourism please e-mail

To help you spread the word, the City of Cape Town have created water-saving information packs for your home, business and hospitality industry.

This great Green Office Toolkit provides tips on how to make your office resource efficient. 

An Employee Water Information Pack has been developed which can be downloaded below and shared with staff explaining the current drought crisis, its impacts, understanding the water bill, ways to save water and what to expect during Day Zero. 

The Western Cape Government is running its H2O Hero campaign with tips on how to save water at home, in the workplace and in your neighbourhood.  

Suppliers of Water Saving Related Technologies and Services

In an effort to link businesses and residents to service providers who can assist with their water saving efforts a database of suppliers has been developed. 

The list can be downloaded by clicking the below link. Please note that this list is updated frequently. 

Suppliers form

Please note:

  • Within the context of the current water crisis in the Western Cape, this database is intended to assist private persons and businesses wishing to improve their water management systems and/or reduce the amount of water they consume to easily identify potential suppliers of water-related products and/or services. The suppliers included in the database have not been vetted or accredited by the Western Cape Government, the City of Cape Town and/or GreenCape. This database is published for information purposes only and does not in any way represent or constitute an endorsement of any particular supplier, product and/or service by the Western Cape Government, the City of Cape Town and/or GreenCape. 
  • The Western Cape Government, the City of Cape Town and GreenCape cannot and do not warrant the accuracy of any information included in this database. Any private person or business interested in contracting with suppliers included in the database is therefore advised to:
    • Confirm the accuracy of any information included in this database with the suppliers concerned;
    • Check whether the suppliers concerned have been duly registered with the appropriate professional body (where one exists);
    • Obtain three quotes from a variety of suppliers (where appropriate and necessary); and/or
    • Request potential service providers to provide references.
  • The Western Cape Government, the City of Cape Town and/or GreenCape shall not under any circumstances be liable for any inconvenience, losses and/or damages suffered by any private person who and/or any private business that relies on the information included in this database and/or contracts with any one or more suppliers included in such database.
  • Any suppliers of water-related products and/or services that wish to have their products and/or services included in the database are invited to submit their product / services information via form below.