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The Western Cape Government's goal is to become the green economic hub of Africa and is currently the fastest growing green economy worldwide. Within the Western Cape, we have extraordinary natural assets, expertise, design capabilities and diverse economic activity that support a pioneering role for the province as South Africa steers towards a greener growth path. The goal comes from the need to respond to climate change, with increasing drought conditions in a region that is already water-stressed. The region is also expected to be impacted by an increase in severity and frequency of storm events, higher wind speeds and increased temperatures. The impact on the economy is predicted to be extensive across all sectors but by focussing on the green economy we can achieve the double dividend of optimising economic opportunities and enhancing our environmental performance.

This website aims to address the above by contributing to the promotion and stimulation of a green economy within the Western Cape. The overall goal is to increase investment in green industries and improve the resource efficiency of businesses, in turn leading to increased competitiveness and sustainable employment creation and growth within the Western Cape.

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