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  • How to develop a Business Continuity Plan

Developing a Business Continuity Plan

The Western Cape Government is developing its Water Business Continuity Plan to ensure that the delivery of essential WCG services can continue even if the supply of municipal water becomes severely constrained. It is advised that all businesses develop a business continuity plan in the event of a water crisis in the future. Being proactive builds resilience.

Below are some points to consider when developing a business continuity plan for your organisation:

1 Service Delivery.jpg
2. Water Demand.jpg
3. Drinking Water & Sanitation.jpg
4. Facilities Management.jpg
5. Communication.jpg
6. Safety & Security.jpg
7. General.jpg

To provide businesses with guidance on creating their own water operational plan (supports improved water use practices under water rationing circumstances) and a business continuity plan, A Basic Business Continuity Planning Guide has been developed. This presentation may also assist in the process. 

Additional BCP Templates can be found at the following two websites: and