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To view the current status of load-shedding and timetables:

Eskom Adequacy Reports

Eskom offers weekly updates in its system adequacy reports available in PowerPoint and pdf format available for download here: https://www.eskom.co.za/eskom-divisions/tx/system-adequacy-reports/

Load-shedding on the way?

This checklist will ensure you, your home and your business are prepared for load shedding.

Click below to download the Load-shedding Checklist PDF

Load Shedding Checklist (pdf, 90.53 KB)


What is Load-shedding and How Does it Work?

The CIty of Cape Town has provided documents providing tips and answers to frequently asked questions which can be found here: https://www.capetown.gov.za/Family%20and%20home/Residential-utility-services/Residential-electricity-services/Load-shedding-and-outages

What can be done to help:

With load shedding being implemented more frequently, it is crucial that we do our part to save electricity both at the office and at home. Any saved energy helps buy Eskom some time to refill pumped storage and diesel reserves, which helps reduce the chance of further load shedding. See our tips below:

  • Switch off all lights when leaving the office;
  • Please ensure windows are closed if the aircon is on;
  • Switch the aircon off before leaving the office; 
  • Stop the boiler from being an energy guzzler, save electricity by switching it off when you leave;
  • Save electricity and paper by only printing what you need; and
  • Please switch off your computer, plugs and chargers when leaving the office at the end of the day.
  • When at home, switch off all appliances at the wall and pull-out chargers. This could save up to 6% on electricity costs;
  • Turn down geyser temperatures to 60 degrees Celsius. This can save up to 5% on one’s electricity bill;
  • Fit geysers with geyser blankets to prevent heat loss;
  • Replace ordinary lightbulbs with energy-saving ones; and
  • Set pool pumps to run for fewer hours.

Need more help?

You can take a look at the Market Intelligence Reports (MIRs) developed here.

For any other energy related assistance, please contact 110Green@westerncape.gov.za