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To view the current status of load-shedding and timetables:

Eskom Adequacy Reports

Eskom offers weekly updates in its system adequacy reports available in PowerPoint and pdf format available for download here: https://www.eskom.co.za/eskom-divisions/tx/system-adequacy-reports/

Eskom Week 7 2023.jpg

Load-shedding on the way?

This checklist will ensure you, your home and your business are prepared for load shedding.

Click below to download the Load-shedding Checklist PDF

Load Shedding Checklist (pdf, 90.53 KB)


What is Load-shedding and How Does it Work?

This load-shedding fact sheet answers some frequently asked questions and provides some additional insights on this regular part of our lives.

Click below to download Load-shedding Fact Sheet PDF

Load Shedding FAQ (pdf, 1.23 MB)

Need more help?

You can take a look at the Market Intelligence Reports (MIRs) developed here.

For any other energy related assistance, please contact 110Green@westerncape.gov.za