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To view the current status of load-shedding and timetables:

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Eskom Adequacy Reports

Eskom offers weekly updates in its system adequacy reports available in PowerPoint and pdf format available for download here: https://www.eskom.co.za/eskom-divisions/tx/system-adequacy-reports/

Load-shedding on the way?

This checklist will ensure you, your home and your business are prepared for load shedding.

Click below to download the Load-shedding Checklist PDF

Load Shedding Checklist (pdf, 90.53 KB)

How to Beat Load-shedding

Looking to reduce or eliminate the impact of load-shedding on your home or business? This guide will tell you about possible solutions to enable improved energy resilience in the longer term.

Click below to download How to Beat Load-shedding PDF

What is Load-shedding and How Does it Work?

This load-shedding fact sheet answers some frequently asked questions and provides some additional insights on this regular part of our lives.

Click below to download Load-shedding Fact Sheet PDF

Load Shedding FAQ (pdf, 1.23 MB)

Need more help?

You can take a look at the Market Intelligence Reports (MIRs) developed here.

For any other energy related assistance, please contact 110Green@westerncape.gov.za