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The Western Cape Government and its partners are working to grow businesses and suppliers of water related technologies and services in the province. This will not only ensure businesses and households can improve their water security but support economic growth and job creation in the Western Cape. 

GreenCape's Water Sector Market Intelligence Report highlights business opportunities for water in the green economy in the Western Cape. It targets investors and entrepreneurs interested in the business of water, and seeks to promote the Western Cape as the leading place to do business in the green economy. The 2018 Water Market Intelligence Report is available for free download. 

Suppliers of Water Saving Related Technologies and Services

In an effort to link businesses and residents to service providers who can assist with their water saving efforts a database of suppliers has been developed. 

The list can be downloaded by clicking the below link. Please note that this list is updated frequently. 

Suppliers form

New Technology Evaluation Process

Some of the businesses listed in the database above have been through the New Technology Evaluation Process. For suppliers wanting their water related technology to be available for public sector use or would like their product to pass through the initial filtering process, the Western Cape Government has partnered with the City of Cape Town’s New Technology Committee. This committee meets regularly and includes representatives from the City and WCG to review new technologies or related information provided to government for consideration. Companies have a chance to present their goods and services at this meeting in a controlled  and fair manner. The outcomes of these meetings are then shared with the various WCG and CCT Branches and Departments to ensure efficiency.

If you would like to be part of the New Technology Evaluation Process, send an email to and to be included on the agenda; receive date of next committee meeting (the committee meets every 4 – 6 weeks); to be informed of what information needs to be sent prior to the next meeting; and to be emailed the required forms. 

Every product or service procured by a public entity would still need to be done so in a competitive, transparent tender process (even under emergency conditions, where the procurement is simply accelerated). Please note that to be able to tender on any projects put out to tender by Western Cape Government, service providers will need to be registered on the Central Supplier Database (CSD). More information about this Database is available at and you can self-register online at the CSD website

Accessing Information

If you would like access to information on water sector market trends, financing options, accessing markets and to discuss products that are still in development / concept phase, contact

For any other information, please email or