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Communication Materials to Raise Awareness

A number of provincial and local government departments have created communication materials to raise awareness on saving water in businesses and communities around the Western Cape. This section contains a number of these materials which can be downloaded free of charge and displayed in your home or office. 

Save Water poster.pdf (PDF, 440.36 KB)
Save Water poster.pdf (PDF, 440.36 KB)

For materials to raise awareness on saving water click here. While these have been developed by the City of Cape Town, these can be easily adapted for businesses outside of Cape Town. 

If your business is in the tourism industry, this FAQ on Cape Town Water & Tourism has been developed to provide information for travellers visiting the City. For further inquiries relating to tourism please e-mail

To help you spread the word, the City of Cape Town have created water-saving information packs for your home, business and hospitality industry.

This great Green Office Toolkit provides tips on how to make your office resource efficient. 

An Employee Water Information Pack has been developed which can be downloaded below and shared with staff explaining the current drought crisis, its impacts, understanding the water bill, ways to save water and what to expect during Day Zero. 

The Western Cape Government is running its H2O Hero campaign with tips on how to save water at home, in the workplace and in your neighbourhood.  

For more information on building economic water resilience contact:

Helen Davies -

Lourencio Pick -