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Assistant Director: Energy
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The Western Cape Government's Department of Economic Development and Tourism has opened applications for the following position:

Job Title: Assistant Director: Energy

in the Green Economy sub-programme

 Ref No. DEDAT 04/2020

The global energy transition from traditional energy approaches into new energy forms, from centralised to decentralised systems, from economies of scale to modular, from analogue to digital and from fossil fuel intensive to renewable and lower carbon sources presents unique challenges and opportunities for South Africa and the Western Cape. This entails taking a strategic approach towards a future energy system in the Western Cape that is a secure, sustainable, affordable, low carbon and inclusive.  The Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Western Cape  Government has an exciting employment opportunity for a suitably qualified and competent individual to join the Energy unit and the Green Economy sub-programme, to operate in this dynamic, exciting and fast-paced environment. The opportunity is to work as part of the team in co-ordinating and collaborating with partners to discover and develop opportunities and solutions to address both urgent short-term energy issues and long-term systemic energy issues towards a low carbon and energy resilient path for the Western Cape. This includes assistance with strategy development, stakeholder coordination and relationship management, conceptualisation and research, pre-project implementation and project management. Examples of Energy unit projects include the Liquified Natural Gas importation, accelerated uptake of Solar PV through innovative finance, regulation and technology adoption and energy sector and market development