Frequently Asked Questions | 110% Green

Residents and businesses have raised many concerns and questions regarding the current water crisis. 

In this section you will find documents put together by the Western Cape Government and its partners to that address some of the most common FAQs by businesses, citizens and other interested parties.

FAQs for Business

In response to business concerns around the water crisis,  a Western Cape Business Support FAQ has been developed to address some of the issues that have been raised. 

For companies in the Film & Media sector, the message is the Western Cape is still open for business but be mindful of the drought. More information can be found here

FAQs for Residents

Many questions are being asked about the management of the drought situation and the impact thereof on the urban water users within the Greater Cape Town area. A very useful document is now available for the City of Cape Town and can be found here. 

The City of Cape Town’s water map provides information on household water use, treated effluent collection points and water pressure management zones. Click here to read some of the FAQs received by the City of Cape Town around the Water Map. 

FAQs for Tourists

For visitors planning to visit Cape Town and the Western Cape, Wesgro has provided some answers for those wanting to enjoy what the province has to offer. For more information visit their water page