Load Shedding Tips | 110% Green
Load shedding Tips:

See a few of our tips below to ensure that you are not caught off guard:

  • Ensure your cell phone is fully charged when the power is on and remember that you can charge your phone in your car if need be;
  • Remember to switch off your oven if it was on when the power outage started;
  • Invest in a small gas lamp for good-quality lighting over a large area;
  • Prepare meals beforehand in case of a power outage;
  • Invest in a small gas cooker for essential cooking and to boil water for hot drinks – make sure you have an extra bottle of gas;
  • Keep frozen bottled water in your freezer to help keep food cold during prolonged power outages;
  • Install solar powered security and garden lights and /or ensure house/premises alarm batteries are working;
  • Installing a surge protection device can help minimise damage. Have a surge protection device fitted to your electrical distribution board and switch off all devices when not in use;
  • Keep an extra key to your house with you in case your usual access to your house uses an electricity connection; and
  • Loadshedding may result in alarm systems not operating correctly therefore check with your insurer if you are covered should you have a break in while the alarm is not powered.