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This page contains green economy-related resources such as research documents, policies, reports and case studies from across the public, private and civil society environment. 

Market Intelligence Reports

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GreenCape, through the support of the Western Cape Government, has released their 2020 market intelligence reports on various green economy sectors. Through close working relationships with businesses, investors, government, and academia, the sector desks are in a unique position to collect, create, and disseminate free market intelligence on the green economy.

Market intelligence reports (MIRs)

Who are they for? The reports are written for investors and businesses who are currently active or interested in green economy sectors in the Western Cape and South Africa.

What's in them? Each report provides an overview of the market within a sector, including key developments and achievements, the key players, legislation and regulation, market opportunities and challenges, funding opportunities, and an overview of general green economy investment opportunities.

Access these reports below:

 Department of Economic Development & Tourism 

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The Green Economy Chief Directorate at the Department of Economic Development and Tourism is responsible for the economic coordination of the Green Economy with a specific focus on the Water and Energy sectors. 


Are you a business in the Green Economy looking for support and advisory services?

This portal is dedicated to the open-source digital directory of support services available specifically for green businesses in South Africa. The digital directory is a free public resource and consists of information on services, programmes and opportunities available to entrepreneurs in the green economy. The Support Services available from various organisations are grouped under the categories below.


Access the Green Business Support Services Directory here: 

GreenCape Green Economy Resources


GreenCape is a non-profit organisation that supports businesses and investors in the green economy to remove barriers to establishment and growth, and supports local, provincial and national government to build a resilient green economy. 

They have a significant amount of resources across the green economy space, ranging from policy briefs, to case studies to webinars. You can also visit and browse their website:

The GreenCape online resource library

GreenCape provides credible, quality resources to assist investors, businesses and others interest or working in the green economy. The tools and resources are grouped by focus area, and type, for easy access.

Access the Greencape online resource library here.

GreenCape YouTube Library

You may also want to visit GreenCape's YouTube library where you can find recorded versions of webinars, workshops and other useful videos on the Green Economy. 

Access the Greencape YouTube library here.

GreenCape Social Media

To keep up to date with the latest reports, case studies, market intelligence, workshops, webinars and more, take a look at GreenCape's social media: