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This page contains green economy-related resources such as research documents, policies, reports and case studies. 

Market Intelligence Reports


Market intelligence

Through close working relationships with businesses, investors, government, and academia, the sector desks are in a unique position to collect, create, and disseminate free market intelligence on the green economy.

Market intelligence reports (MIRs)

Who are they for? The reports are written for investors and businesses who are currently active or interested in green economy sectors in the Western Cape and South Africa.

What's in them? Each report provides an overview of the market within a sector, including key developments and achievements, the key players, legislation and regulation, market opportunities and challenges, funding opportunities, and an overview of general green economy investment opportunities.

Access these reports below:

Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning 

Market intelligence reports (MIRs)

Green Economy Report

The scope of this annual report covers work undertaken and progress achieved under the WCG Green is Smart Strategy Framework.

Green Economy Report 2017

Green Economy Report 2015

Green Economy Report 2014 


These newsletters contain important information relating to the green economy. 

Green Ambassador Jan/Feb 2017

Green Ambassador March 2017

Green Ambassador April 2017

Green Ambassador May 2017

Green Ambassador June 2017

Green Ambassador July 2017

Green Ambassador August 2017

Green Ambassador September 2017

Cape Nature

Quarterly Reports

These reports contain information about the progress of the implementation of projects and programmes by Cape Nature.

Table Bay Nature Reserve Quarterly Report April to June 2018

The City of Cape Town 

Draft Resilience Strategy

The Cape Town Resilience Strategy is being adopted in the aftermath of the worst drought the city-region has confronted in recorded history. Three years of dramatically low rainfall, exacerbated by climate change, presented the possibility of Cape Town running out of water. This episode severely tested the resilience of our city and its residents. Through a comprehensive societal response, mainly due to heroic efforts of households and businesses to reduce consumption, the worst-case scenario was avoided. it is in this context that Resilient Cape Town offers a roadmap for a 21st Century metropolis.

The strategy reflects the input of thousands of Capetonians who were consulted over the past two years. 

City of Cape Town Resilence Strategy 2019