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A Flagship is an organisation (be it a municipality, NGO or business) that has made more than the usual commitment towards the Green Economy. They have taken up the call towards building an economy that connects the well-being of our environment with the growth of our economy.

Interested organisations submit their proposed projects to 110% Green. Following evaluation they are selected as a 110% Green Flagship project and become part of the dynamic network of Flagship organisations. These Flagships COMMIT to a project, are required to ACT upon this commitment and report on their IMPACT.

110% Green is not an endorsement of a project by the Western Cape Government. Each Flagship project is rather an expression of co-responsibility by participants to contribute to building the Green Economy.

Please note: The Flagship programme is currently not active. 

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Impahla Clothing Solar Power Project Impahla Clothing, the 1st carbon neutral garment manufacturer in South Africa, is committed to a greener, cleaner and more sustainable working environment. We commit to provide 25% of our electricity requirements through our new solar panel project.
Shacurity Promoting our professionally designed , locally manufactured, solar powered, shack fire prevention kits to the greatest extent possible in the interest of saving lives and property . We will, subject to the uptake distribute a minimum of 500 “ Fire prevention kits “ in 2014. We intend to ...
Sanitation Composting We are committed in partnership with African Santitation to roll out further sanitation/composting solutions to rural communities ond create jobs. Within the existing facilities already deployed we are aiming to achieve sustoinable jobs through growing vegetables. During the ...
The Juwi/Red Cross Hospital project Working together to provide the technical analysis; procurement; supply and installation of the electricity generating, roof-top Photovoltaic (PV) plant at no cost to the Red Cross Children's Hospital.
Economising our waste We would like to ensure that 100% of our waste products are reworked and supplied back to various industries. This would include: a) sludge- farmers, b) marble dust- artists or clay brick manufacturers, c) 19mm & 35mm stone chips - landscapers, builders, and private home ...
Greening Our Factory Our commitment to the 110% Green initiative is to maintain 100% of our water and sludge recycling system and improve our stone waste recycling system so we can reuse or supply other industries with the waste accumulated during our manufacturing process. We will work towards ...
LOMOLD Pallets – Performance Pallets from PET Waste LOMOLD commits to upcycling plastic waste into lightweight, high-performance pallets that will be used instead of wood pallets, thereby saving trees, decreasing landfill and reducing carbon footprint.
Mbaula Green Mbaula commits to the distribution of 5000 green cooking stoves in the community by 31 May 2014 subject to sponsorship of the project.
Environmental and community sustainability and stewardship through ecotourism in the Cape Whale Coast. Our organisation commits to….. 1. Clearing alien vegetation on our land: a. Working with ABI and the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy to clear approximately 250 + HA of new growth alien vegetation ...
Recycle Swop Shop Sustain the already established swop shops in 2014 by sourcing ways and means to provide an alternative to the residents in which the swops shop reside and to keep the two volunteers employed for the said period.