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A Flagship is an organisation (be it a municipality, NGO or business) that has made more than the usual commitment towards the Green Economy. They have taken up the call towards building an economy that connects the well-being of our environment with the growth of our economy.

Interested organisations submit their proposed projects to 110% Green. Following evaluation they are selected as a 110% Green Flagship project and become part of the dynamic network of Flagship organisations. These Flagships COMMIT to a project, are required to ACT upon this commitment and report on their IMPACT.

110% Green is not an endorsement of a project by the Western Cape Government. Each Flagship project is rather an expression of co-responsibility by participants to contribute to building the Green Economy.

Please note: The Flagship programme is currently not active. 

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AgriProtein's eco-entrepreneur initiative AgriProtein is committed to leading a new initiative to leverage the extraordinary entrepreneurial green businesses in the Western Cape and boost the green economy of the province.
Worc Christen Church – Swop Shop To educate they children & community about recycling and their responsibility towards a cleaner & greener environment.
Berg River Dam Project The CWBR commits to implementing the following Projects in the Western Cape: a) Trails Program (An assessment of existing and future trails is well advanced, which cover all non motorised disciplines); b) Tour guide training (the CWBR in conjunction with FGASA has implemented ...
Conservation Awareness Programme The CWBR commits to increasing awareness of the state of the Berg River and other rivers within the CWBR through: a) Waterbirth (the largest painting ever done underwater and enticed large exposure, giving the opportunity to explain the importance of water ...
Crazy Conservation Programme The CWBR commits toL: a) The Drone Program (a drone was fitted with a camera and flown over the Berg River, from the source, monitoring thre various stages of increase pollution levels. It was flown up the tributaries to find the source of this pollution. The University ...
DelVira Sustainable Living Centre The CWBR commits to playing a key role in the set up of the DelVera Sustainable Living Centre that will serve as an educational place about the environment and sustainable living for children in the Western Cape, including a) Green economy business Hatchery Program ...
People Forest The CWBR commits to planting fruit trees in the Winelands area of the Western Cape in the coming year: a) The Nursery project (A tree Propagation Nursery is being set up at DelVera to produce trees internally); b) Communities are being taught how to graft off trees they have been ...
Sustainable crop production through conservation agriculture Sustainable crop production through conservation agriculture.
On-farm renewable energy generation Farming for the future - generating on-farm renewable energy from cow manure.
GreenAgri Portal The Portal commits to support smart agriculture in the Western Cape by providing a two way web-based portal. The GreenAgri Portal team will respond to all logged queries within 48 hours.