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A Flagship is an organisation (be it a municipality, NGO or business) that has made more than the usual commitment towards the Green Economy. They have taken up the call towards building an economy that connects the well-being of our environment with the growth of our economy.

Interested organisations submit their proposed projects to 110% Green. Following evaluation they are selected as a 110% Green Flagship project and become part of the dynamic network of Flagship organisations. These Flagships COMMIT to a project, are required to ACT upon this commitment and report on their IMPACT.

110% Green is not an endorsement of a project by the Western Cape Government. Each Flagship project is rather an expression of co-responsibility by participants to contribute to building the Green Economy.

Please note: The Flagship programme is currently not active. 

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e-Khaya Fireproof Shack Replacement Initiative Establishing the initially modest ‘e-khaya Research and Training Centre’ by the end of 2013, with entrepreneurs from the centre being trained by the centre starting in the early part of 2014. They will build their own small business enterprises during ...
Polystyrene Conversion Project Our organisation, EcoPack, commits to convert as many as possible current Polystyrene single use product users to using responsible, sustainable and food safe alternatives. Our target is to increase a versatile range of single-use biodegradable and compostable food ...
Temporary Informal Dwellings for the City of Cape Town Our organisation commits to provide decent affordable shetler. The innovative design using waste materials is also aimed at ensuring that we divert 600 tons of waste plastic and 500 tons of spent silica sand from landfill on a monthly basis and ...
Stop Greenwash - Be Certified EcoStandard commits to the assessment of a minimum of 10 Products whom will have receive an EcoStandard EcoProduct label and the provision of 2 educational workshops. By providing both the trade and consumer market with clear and useful information EcoStandard aims to ...
e-waste e-waste collection and safely disperse thereof.
Sere Wind Farm Eskom is committed to sustainable development and is moving towards a cleaner energy future by reducing its dependence on coal and diversifying its energy mix.
The Global Carbon Exchange SA (Pty) Ltd trading as GCX Africa has committed to diverting waste from landfill in the process creating 80 direct and indirect jobs.
Greening Initiatives at Witsand, Atlantis Green Communities commits to raise funds to implement the greening of 200 houses at Witsand, Atlantis informal settlement by the end of 2016. By planting gardens with indigenous ground coverings, shrubs and grass will stabilise the soil and avoid further ...
Oudtshoorn Youth Recycling Project We commit to the cause of recycling and conserving all natural resources of our planet earth for generations to come.
Green Pack It We commit to replace 5 million units of food packaging in the Western Cape with a biodegrable alternative over the next year and create 2 additional jobs at our office in Cape Town.