Abalimi Bezekhaya - Flagship | 110% Green

Harvest of Hope

In the next 12 months:

  • support a minimum of  165 sustainable grassroots micro-farming jobs  valued at R300-R2000/m;
  • support a minimum of  165 sustainable ;grassroots micro-farming jobs  valued at R300-R2000/m;
  • Increase turnover from R1 million to  R 1.5 million from veg box sales with 100% net profits go to train and supply new and developing micro-farmers; 
  • Harvest of Hope box members (customers) increase from 350  to 600  while reducing  their carbon footprint by up to 50%;
  • 500 new micro-farmers  in home and community gardens feed  2500 family members  with  top quality,  un-poisoned, organically produced food year round.