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Making the connections while meeting their commitment

27 June 2013

Towards the end of 2012 L. Cannata & Sons was selected as a Flagship project for 110% Green. L. Cannata & Sons is a marble, granite and engineered stone supplier in Cape Town. Cannata was encouraged by other 110% Green Flagships to go beyond their normal business, and committed to maintain 100% of their water and sludge recycling system and improve their stone waste recycling system so they could reuse or supply other industries with the waste accumulated during their manufacturing process. They also committed to working towards recycling 100% of their stone waste which is on average 8 tonnes per month depending on industry demand.

Cannata found that something that seemed to be easily obtainable proved to be highly technical and difficult to do in South Africa.  As the local stone industry has not yet embarked on the processing of stone, waste sourcing the necessary machinery was a challenge. After a few months of research and factory visits they eventually found exactly what they needed: a small stone crusher with a 3 tiered sorting table.

With this stone crusher, Cannata has produced 250kg of sludge per month, and a large amount of crushed stones! This puts them well on their way to reaching their commitment as a 110% Green flagship. They have also identified other 110% Green Flagships who can benefit from these recycling efforts:

  1. Abalimi Bezekhaya – a group of grassroots micro-farmers – are soon to be recipients of some of this sludge waste which will be used as organic compost.
  2. Hotel Verde – opening in August 2013 – will get stone chips made from waste from the material used on their project.

Cannata is still looking for local communities and business that could benefit from this recycled waste. Please send us an email if you know someone who could benefit from this offer.

Well done L. Cannata & Sons for getting so far with your 110% Green flagship project!