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Small-Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) Feed-In Tariffs

The Western Cape Government (WCG) is focused on ensuring a supportive regulatory environment for SSEG across municipalities. This will enable solar PV systems to be grid-tied and feed in any excess electricity generated. Many municipalities already have the rules and tariffs in place, and the remaining municipalities are supported by the WCG. Find out what the tariff is in your municipality for your home in the table below listed in alphabetical order. Find out more about installing solar PV.

Please note that links for the table below are only active for those municipalities that have SSEG Tariffs:

Beaufort West Cederberg Kannaland Mossel Bay Stellenbosch
Bergrivier City of Cape Town Knysna Oudtshoorn Swartland
Bitou Drakenstein Laingsburg Overstrand Swellendam
Breede Valley George Langeberg Prince Albert Theewaterkloof
Cape Agulhas Hessequa Matzikama Saldanha Bay Witzenberg

Residential Tariffs

Category Monthly Charges Export Tariff (Flat) Export Tariff (ToU)
Beaufort West Green Energy (Domestic) SSEG additional cost - R129.37

Low Season
Peak – 124.47 c/kWh
Standard – 85.66 c/kWh
Off-peak -  54.34 c/kWh

High Season
Peak – 381.58 c/kWh
Standard – 115.57 c/kWh
Off-peak -  62.78 c/kWh

Bergrivier SSEG No additional monthly charges for SSEG connections 0.75 c/kWh
Bitou SSEG Single Phase Basic Charge for SSEG customers - R582.10 83.730c/kWh
Bitou SSEG Three Phase Basic Charge for SSEG customers - R1323.80 95.760c/kWh
Breede Valley SSEG (Residential) An additional meter reading, admin and maintenance fee may also be applicable. 89.61c/kWh
Cape Agulhas SSEG Feed In Tariff (Residential)

Fixed network charge for SSEG customers - R471,13/month

Bulk customers to retain original KVA capacity and demand charges.

101.16 c/kWh
Cape Town Residential SSEG Additional Advanced Metering Infrastructure access charge for SSEG customers - R90.00

Feed in tariff - 78.98 c/kWh,

Green attributes will pass to the City.

Feed in incentive - 25c/kWh, Applicable until 30 June 2025

Cederberg Time of Use LV Self Generator Basic Charge -  R2671.2407/month
Demand Charge – R122.6734/KVA
 Access Charge - R91.2268
Charges are applicable to all TOU customers regardless of SSEG status

Low Season
Peak – 139.89 c/kWh
Standard – 96.22 c/kWh
Off-peak -  61.13 c/kWh

High Season
Peak – 428.72 c/kWh
Standard – 129.85 c/kWh
Off-peak -  81.18 c/kWh

Drakenstein Co-Generation The fixed charge regime depends on the customer's category regardless of SSEG status 66.39 c/kWh
George Embedded Generation/ Municipal purchase tariff The additional Basic charge for SSEG customers - R100/month +
The standard Bulk TOU
reactive energy charge

Low Season
Peak – 136.87 c/kWh
Standard – 94.18 c/kWh
Off-peak -  59.75 c/kWh

High Season
Peak – 419.61c/kWh
Standard – 127.12 c/kWh
Off-peak -  69.03 c/kWh

Hessequa SSEG Feed In The fixed charge regime depends on the customer's category regardless of SSEG status 66.17 c/kWh
Knysna SSEG Basic charge with buyback - R258.79/month
Access charge - R11.83/amp
Laingsburg Unit rates No additional charges for SSEG connections 201.18 c/kWh
Langeberg SSEG Feed In No additional charges for SSEG connections 66.39 c/kWh
Mossel Bay SSEG Single Phase Fixed Network Charge for SSEG customers – R457.02 /month 102.00c/kWh
Mossel Bay SSEG Three Phase Fixed Network Charge Charge for SSEG customers - R30.96/month/3 phase amp 102.00c/kWh
Oudtshoorn Bulk Time of Use LV (400V) for Pilot Only No additional charges for SSEG connections

Low Season
Peak - 128.90 c/kWh
Standard – 88.51 c/kWh
Off-peak -  55.95 c/kWh

High Season
Peak – 395.89 c/kWh
Standard – 119.61 c/kWh
Off-peak -  74.55 c/kWh

Overstand SSEG No additional charges for SSEG connections 90.17c/kWh
Prince Albert SSEG Basic charge - R370.77 53.74 c/kWh
Saldanha Bay SSEG Feed in Tariff Single Phase No additional charges for SSEG connections 73.00 c/kWh
Stellenbosch Renewable Energy (DOM5) Generation of own use and export Renewable Energy Generation for own use and export
Basic Charge - R229.69
Reading Charge R103.95

Low Season
Peak – 135.98 c/kWh
Standard – 93.57 c/kWh
Off-peak -  59.37 c/kWh

High Season
Peak – 416.86 c/kWh
Standard –  126.30 c/kWh
Off-peak -  68.58 c/kWh

Swartland Net Metering Tariff Network Charge - R268.81 108.7413c/kWh
Theewaterskloof SSEG

Additional Basic Charge - R80.2130/month/POS

Subject to the customer being on theTOU and signing a new supply agreement

Low Season
Peak – 141.32 c/kWh
Standard – 97.27 c/kWh
Off-peak -  61.68 c/kWh

High Season
Peak – 433.29 c/kWh
Standard –  131.24 c/kWh
Off-peak -  71.29 c/kWh