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General information publications, listed alphabetically. These documents are also placed under the relevant life events and categories in Your Life and Topics.
The objective of the fire prevention session is to explore the current state of fire prevention practices in the Republic and to determine the possible policy considerations that must be included in the White Paper on fire services currently under development.
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Paarl Hospital is a referral general specialist hospital for the Drakenstein region. The 331 bed facility caters to the medical needs of a vast geographical area of approximately 22 500 square kilometres and a population of over 787 490 (census 2011).

Physical Address

Corner of Hospital and Bergriver Boulevard, Paarl

Switchboard Contact Details

021 860 2500

Visiting Hours

For the privacy and safety of all patients, we request all visitors to adhere to the following visiting times:

1753 2018 2021
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296 2014

This diary contains information on whether Parliament is sitting on a particular day and whether any committees are meeting. It also details the time and venue of meetings.

146 2017
An outline of the parliamentary programme for 2005.
36 2014
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This document details the participation of public servants in elections for the National Assembly or Provincial Legislatures.
57 2004 2013
NATURE OF SUPPORT: Non-financial support
BENEFICIARIES:  New and Existing SMMEs
DESCRIPTION: The Partner Network can be viewed as an initiative to consolidate the enterprise support provided by “centre based” support agencies to ensure geographic spread.
227 2014 2015

Patients' rights and responsibilities according to the National Patients' Charter.

153 2014
Patients' rights and responsibilities according to the National Patients' Charter.
163 2014
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There are various ways for you to pay your traffic fine. If you disagree with the issuing of a fine, you can appeal it.

70 2019 2020

When it comes to paying traffic fines there are a lot of questions about where, how and when the traffic fine should be paid. The following is a guide on how to go about paying your traffic fine in the City of Cape Town.  

Understanding the different types of fines

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The 15 finalists in the Western Cape’s most prestigious entrepreneurship awards, the Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards (PERA) have been announced for 2017.


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This publication provides information on the Philippi East business district and the business and investment opportunities that exist in this area.
33 2014
Wouldn't it be interesting to see pictures of some of the projects, news and programmes?

Here you will be able to find pictures of the projects, news and programmes the Department of Local Government is busy with.
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This document sets out the Problem Statement and then considers a framework for Local Economic Development for Local Government, a vehicle for this development, the creation of Economic Development Units (EDUs) and the role of the Department Of Economic Development & Tourism: The LED Division. It also sets out guidelines for the structure of EDUs.
255 2014
This document details the history of the slave trade in South Africa and lists places of slave remembrance in the Western Cape.
103 2005 2013

Every year about 8 million metric tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans. That's as much as a truck loads of plastic waste every minute. But you can make a difference, here's how.

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265 2014
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A fact sheet about polio and the role of government and communities in eradicating this infectious disease.
55 2014
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Part of the Condom Week Campaign (11-16 Feb 2008) and Reproductive Health Month (February), this poster encourages young people to make healthy lifestyle choices by using a condom whenever they are sexually active.
159 2014

As we mark the United Nations International Youth Day on 12 August 2014, the Western Cape Government is proud to be playing a leading role in the empowerment and advancement of young people between 14-25 years living in the province.

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Are you a 2020 matriculant looking for work experience? Then the PAY project is the perfect opportunity for you!

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Premier’s Council on Skills: 30 September 2014 

Premier Helen Zille hosted the Premier’s Council on Skills on 30 September 2014 in Saldanha Bay. The purpose of this Skills Council was to raise awareness of the developments taking place on the West Coast and to address skills requirements to ensure that the region has the skills supply it requires, with a particular focus on Artisan Development, Oil and Gas and Marine Repairs Sectors.

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The Premier’s Council on Skills was held on the 30th May 2017 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town. The theme of the event was “the Western Cape is open for business” where employers were encouraged to open their doors for work placements for apprentices.
227 2017 2017

Your upcoming matric examinations are very important for your future. The success of your exams will depend on how much you have prepared for them. The results of your matric examinations will determine whether you'll proceed to your next level of studies.

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In terms of the Medical Schemes Act, medical schemes have to cover the costs related to the diagnosis, treatment and care of:
  • any emergency medical condition
  • a limited set of ±270 medical conditions
  • 25 chronic conditions
This is known as Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) and you are entitled to these benefits regardless of the medical scheme option you have selected. PMBs, where indicated, include medicine.
413 2009 2013
This pack contains five presentations from the BEE Conference:
  • Abel Sithole, Executive Director Metropolitan
  • Brendon Roberts, WC Department of Economic Development and Tourism
  • Kola Jolaolu, Executive Director Ngubane & Co. Management Consultants (Pty) Ltd
  • Colin Reddy, BEE Director BusinessMap Foundation
  • Loyiso Mbabane.
It also contains sector summaries for the tourism and financial services sectors.
1156 2014

During October and November 2014 the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) hosted an incentives roadshow. The raodshow brought togethet various national departments and business development support agencies and toured the various regions of the province. The roadshow created awareness regarding funding, incentives and other forms of support offered by government and its agencies to established businesses.

227 2014 2014

The unspoken problem of elder neglect and abuse should be addressed. We're all responsible for the wellness and safety of seniors in our communities.

296 2019

A small uncontrolled fire can quickly spread and become a threat to people’s lives and their property. Find out what you can do to prevent fires. 

70 2019 2020
This brochure explains why it is important for all children to receive polio vaccinations.
55 2014
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A national ministry of health circular on the 2002 interim court ruling making way for the provision of Nevirapine at clinics in order to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV.
1156 2014

These are the featured stories published on the Western Cape Government home page in 2020.

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These are the featured stories published on the Western Cape Government home page in 2021.

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These are the featured stories published on the Western Cape homepage in 2011.

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These are the featured stories published on the Western Cape home page in 2012.

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These are the featured stories published on the Western Cape home page in 2013.

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These are the featured stories published on the Western Cape home page in 2014.

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These are the featured stories published on the Western Cape home page in 2015.

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These are the featured stories published on the Western Cape Government home page in 2016.

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These are the featured stories published on the Western Cape Government home page in 2017.

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These are the featured stories published on the Western Cape Government home page in 2018.

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These are the featured stories published on the Western Cape Government home page in 2019.

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What is this notice for and who does it apply to?


This is a general notice that explains:

99 2021 2021


The respective category winners will be awarded as follows:

Categories of business

Number of Finalists per Category

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The financial management team identifies and implements strategic interventions to assist the Department attain and maintain a level 4 financial management capability described as the efficient, economical and effective utilisation of Departmental resources to deliver on strategic objectives. An important function of the team is to oversee the Department's procurement processes.
227 2014

Some of the types of settlements the department is tasked with developing.

71 2015
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This document gives an overview on the formula for the calculation of grants to municipalities.
1207 2014

Getting a visa to travel in and out of South Africa has become slightly more challenging.

The new visa regulations will affect not only parents wanting to travel with their children, but businesses looking to trade in South Africa, and people who are looking to work in South Africa as well.

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Between 29 September and 31 October 2014 Western Cape Government health carers will visit schools to vaccinate Grade 4 girls against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the most common cause of cervical cancer in women.
147 2014 2014

Information for women over 30 on what pap smears are, and when and why they should be done.

147 2014

Natural disasters can be devastating.  Use these tips to protect your home from floods and fires.

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More than 50 different crops in South Africa are reliant on the existence and work of the honey bee.

70 2019 2019

The Western Cape Disaster Management and Fire & Rescue Services are preventing fires through education.

70 2015 2016

Let's go into great depth to protect our marine life this World Oceans Day.

70 2019 2021

This easy-to-read pamphlet provides information on fundamental human rights and how the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) can assist you if your rights have been infringed.

70 2021
Information on how to provide feedback to Groote Schuur with either compliments or complaints.
163 2014
Information on how to provide feedback to Tygerberg Hospital with either compliments or complaints.
153 2014

Our Archives Service gives you the opportunity to view historical documents. Whether you need to know more about your family history or access documents for research, our archives is the place to go.

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Corruption undermines service delivery, economic growth and the effective use of limited resources, both in government and the private sector. As part of Provincial Audit Month, we tell you how you can help us fight fraud and corruption in the province. 

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Information about the roles and functions of Port Health Services in South Africa.
55 2014
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A newspaper with information on Provincial Notices such as tenders, removals of restrictions as well as notices by local authorities.
99 2014
This calendar marks various national and international health days and includes contact details for organisations working around particular health issues.
158 2014

Here you will find Provincial Government Western Cape Short-term Tenders that are not listed in the National Government Tender Bulletin.

Search Hint:
To search for your preferred tender, open the relevant Tender Bulletin and use the search option in the PDF document i.e. you can search for all Provincial Education Tenders by typing WCED, etc.

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This poster shows the members of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.
70 2014
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This poster shows the members of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.
70 2009 2013
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A comprehensive directory of all mental health facilities throughout the Western Cape province. Included are contact numbers for district offices of the provincial Department of Social Development, substance abuse resources and community services.
147 2014

Provincial Skills and Partnerships (PSP)

The key role of the Provincial Skills Partnerships sub-programme is the coordination of skills development which facilitates a shift of the imbalance and mismatches between the current shortage of high-level skills required by a competitive global economy and large supply of low-level skills. Overcoming this imbalance will directly increase economic growth and reduce poverty.

227 2021 2021

The Provincial Treasury plays a major role in achieving the desired socio-economic & governance outcomes of the Western Cape by providing strategic financial leadership to the province and municipalities, supporting the Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism and enhancing the availability of financial resources.

265 2013 2017

This booklet is a desk reference for the public to easily identify the service areas of Provincial Treasury and the method on how to access required services. The booklet is a simple guide depicting the name, contact details and location of main service areas, whilst giving details relating to the mechanisms for accessing the main services of the Department. 

265 2018 2018

The Western Cape Department of Human Settlements (WCDHS) hereby invites interested organisations to attend a meeting to deliberate on the Terms of Reference to inform the Framework Agreement. The Agreement will establish terms governing contracts that may be awarded during the life of the agreement, as well as set out terms and conditions for acquiring specific services.

71 2017 2017

As a citizen, you can have your voice heard by participating in the Parliament of South Africa, Provincial Parliament and you have a direct line to your local government.

70 2019 2019

Nominations for the 2015 PERA are officially open.

Premier Helen Zille and Minister Alan Winde launched the competition at the Khayelitsha Cookie Company on 15 July 2015.

70 2015 2015
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411 2018