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Public Transport Safety

Public Transport Bus TerminalMany of us use public transport to travel to where we need to be, which is why it is important to remember our personal safety while travelling.

14 tips on how to keep safe during your journey:

  • Plan your journey. This includes deciding on the kinds of transport you intend using. Get to know the timetables.
  • Ensure you know the distance, direction and time it takes to get to your destination.
  • Avoid using vehicles that are in a poor, non-roadworthy condition. Your safety depends on the state of the vehicle you choose to travel in. 
  • Avoid overcrowded vehicles or train compartments.
  • Be alert at all times and don’t fall asleep while using public transport, especially when travelling by yourself.
  • Maintain a schedule that ensures plenty of people are at your bus or train stop.
  • If you are followed when you exit a vehicle/station, go to the nearest well-lit populated area, call the police or scream for help.
  • Have your exact fare ready and keep your bags close to your body. If you carry a handbag or backpack, make sure the strap(s) are secure and strong.
  • Wait until the bus, train or taxi has come to a complete standstill before boarding or getting off.
  • Watch out for side mirrors as the bus or taxi arrives or leaves.
  • Please use the handrail when standing in the bus or on the train.
  • Don’t distract the driver while the vehicle is moving.
  • Avoid placing any luggage or large objects in the aisle of the bus and/or taxi.
  • If seatbelts are available, be sure you use them.

For more road safety tips visit the Safely Home website,and stay tuned for updates by following their #BeTheChange campaign on Twitter.

Public Transport TrainsTo report any suspicious behaviour and irregularities, or if you have any questions concerning safety, please call 021 483 6991/6334 or email

Some more emergency numbers:

  • Police Flying Squad: 10111
  • Ambulance: 10177
  • Crime Stop: 08600 10111
  • Cellphone emergency: 112 (MTN, Vodacom and Cell C)
  • ER24: 084 124
  • Netcare: 082 911
  • National Traffic Call Centre Number:  0861 400 800      

Emergency information and numbers are also available at

The content on this page was last updated on 5 May 2015