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Waste Not...

20 December 2018

Cape Town diverts a quarter of waste from landfills

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Many Capetonians are becoming more aware of their lifestyle choices and waste-producing habits. Citizens are starting to re-evaluate how much waste they produce and how to minimise their impact on the environment. Household composting and recycling is an increasing occurrence in the city...read more

Western Cape Bans Organic Waste in Landfills


In the Western Cape province, landfills are rapidly filling up and new potential sites are in short supply. As of the DEDAT 2016 baseline study, 7.7 million tonnes of waste were produced in the Western Cape, more than half of which was generated in the City of Cape Town alone...read more

Organic waste not wasted for long- Corona Facility is re-shaping the waste landscape

Corona Facility is re-shaping the waste landscape.png

Reliance Compost is a firm believer that living soils, alive with microbial activity and rich in organic matter, can feed plants that can in turn feed people and animals. It’s no surprise that most of this eco-conscious company’s income is ploughed back into communities to create more sustainable environments...read more

Importance of diverting organic waste from landfill


One of the key advantages of on-site composting is that it produces a natural, valuable and useful product in the form of fertile compost for gardens. It also saves money. “We measured that food waste composting activities reduced food costs by 4.2% and kitchen consumables by 11.8%,” says Heron...read more

Organics Destination Challenges

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In the U.S., we have had to rethink every aspect of the organics disposal pathway and develop innovative methodologies to keep organics to energy alive. Past methods of handling organics such as its use for animal feed are no longer viable. Even composting, although evolving and widespread, has significant shortcomings...read more