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The Waste Forward...

11 June 2018

Woolworths recycles 500k plastic bottles

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The Cape Town water shortage has created a booming industry for bottled water but it has also created a huge amount of plastic waste. In an effort to curb the growing volume of discarded plastic bottles, Woolworths has pledged to send 500 000 plastic bottles to a recycling facility in Gauteng – that’s about 20 tonnes of more

South Africa begins waking up to the economic potential of waste recycling

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South Africa lost an estimated R17-billion worth of resources through the disposal of waste to landfill in 2012, while the effects of resource scarcity and resource constraints are increasing more

Sustainable solutions to South Africa's waste challenges

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Ever increasing population totals, increased demands on existing resources, and the pressure to provide basic needs has placed significant pressure on South Africa in terms of waste management. Coupled to this, the rejection of common waste management practices by environmental lobbyists has made the disposal of various waste streams a lot more difficult. The impact of waste on the environment and on people’s health is also a critical point of more

The African Marine Waste Network

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The network is the first to unite a growing community of researchers, educators, industry, media and governments to find solutions to Africa’s marine waste more