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The German International School Cape Town goes solar

15 November 2016
We are very excited to learn about the German International School Cape Town (DSK) 's new solar energy plant.  
Solar panels installed at the DSK

Solar panels installed at the DSK

The plant is part of a large-scale project in cooperation with German solar companies SolarWorld, SMA, and Schletter. The German government also played its part by financing the replacement of the school's defect roof sheets, a costly but necessary part of the project. 

The result? 440 rooftop photovoltaic (PV) modules covering 876 m2, which supplies 150kWp of energy. This amount exceeds the normal daily energy consumption of the school completely, and by making use of the City of Cape Town's SSEG tariff, the school feeds surplus energy back into the grid. A great opportunity for the DSK to generate valuable income!

A view of the school's 440 rooftop photovoltaic (PV) modules

A view of the school's 440 rooftop photovoltaic (PV) modules

“On most days, we supply the entire school with energy from the sun and still feed excess energy into the grid of the City of Cape Town” explained headmaster Alexander P. Kirmse. “This plant teaches our learners the value of sustainable energy, generated by green technology and being conscious of environmental challenges, which is all part of the ‘going green’ campaign at our school.”

Head boy Azande Centane said: “I am very proud to go to a school which actively contributes to the reduction of environmental impact, alleviating the problem of energy provision in South Africa.”

The Western Cape Government commends the DSK for investing in a cleaner and more reliable energy alternative. The DSK is a great example as an educational institution that understands the importance of supplying a sustainable energy solution, and one that complies with carbon footprint demands.  

Images: Sassan Machhadi

Content kindly provided by German International School Cape Town (DSK)

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