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Food System and Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme: Request for quotation

26 May 2021

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the need for food security, as more and more people and communities have become reliant on government grants. The ASEZ has a passion for community, skills, and enterprise development work and consequently would like to embark on a Food System and Entrepreneurship Incubation Program, which would serve to educate and empower individuals to increase food security, education about food security, directly linked to employment opportunities. The incubation program would need to provide individuals/aspiring entrepreneurs with entrepreneurship training programs addressing food security.

The incubation program should be designed to develop a generation of small-scale food producers, food distributors and support the development of a localized, sustainable food system. The goal of the incubation program is to empower current and future entrepreneurs with a thorough understanding of basic business principles (identification of food-related business ideas and markets, feasibility studies, effective communication and marketing plans, general business management activities, and basic financial management practices).

Additionally, the proposed food system solution should assist the successful incubatees with identifying key customers and stakeholders. The successful service provider should clearly demonstrate the proposed practical mentorship methodology and monitoring and evaluation milestones of the incubatees and incubation program in general. Accordingly, the ASEZ would like to provide an avenue for investment and support, by inviting anyone or businesses to meaningfully respond to the needs of the Atlantis community.

Request For Quotation
Atlantis SEZ is calling all qualifying bidders to apply for the following

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