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10 Quick tips to save energy in the kitchen

2 December 2016

Try one or more of these energy saving tips in the kitchen and see how much you can cut down on your energy usage and, in turn, save on your electricity bill. 

1. Use the right appliance

Use specialised appliances for the appropriate tasks, this is the easiest way to save electricity in the kitchen. For example, always make toast in a toaster instead of using the oven; use the microwave for small to medium amounts of food; leave the conventional oven for large meals.

2. Close the oven

Ensure the oven door is kept closed until the food is done. Constantly opening and closing the oven door dissipates heat, and electricity is wasted in reheating the oven.

3. Close the fridge too

Don’t open the fridge door unnecessarily or leave it open for too long. Cold air sinks so it literally falls out of the fridge, and so your fridge has to start again. 

4. Use a pressure cooker/slow cooker

It will speed up the cooking process and thus save electricity.

5. Switch off

Turn off the stove before you’ve finished cooking. Hot plates retain heat and will continue to cook your food while saving electricity. Alternatively, bring food to the boil on the ‘high’ setting and then turn down the plate to simmer until cooked. Keep the lid on the pot to retain heat.

6. Cool down food

Let hot food cool down before putting it in the fridge. This way it will require less electricity for further cooling.

7. Defrost

Defrost your freezer regularly. This will ensure it runs more efficiently.

8. Don’t hand-wash

Minimise hand-washing dishes, which can use twice as much electricity and nine times more water than a dishwasher. If you don't have a dishwasher be as efficient as you can by only washing with a full load or only use enough water for the dishes you need to clean.

9. Turn off

Turn the dishwasher off before the drying cycle. Use a cloth to dry the dishes or simply let them drip-dry.

10. And lastly…
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Turn off the lights if you're leaving the kitchen for more than five minutes. 

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All information provided by savingelectricity.org.za