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Theewaterskloof Municipality

BEE Procurement Opportunities within Municipality


Municipal tenders and call for proposals are advertised on the municipal website on a continued basis. They range from stationary to infrastructure projects.

The Municipality is committed to adhering to Preferential Procurement Policy whereby point allocation includes but is not limited to the following criteria:

  • Promotion of SA owned enterprises
  • Promotion of SMMEs
  • Creation of new jobs or intensification of labour absorption
  • Promotion of enterprises located in the Municipal area
  • Promotion of enterprises located in rural areas

Tenders and quotations are advertised using a variety of medium of communication. The Municipality makes use of its website, community and Municipal notice boards, local and national newspapers.

  • Less than R30 000 "quotation" is directly requested from the Service Provider
  • Amounts above R30 000 - R200 000 are referred to as "official quotation" advertised on the website as per regulation and advertised on the notice boards.
  • Over R200 000 go on a formal tender process where adverts are placed in National Newspapers.



For more information contact:

Mrs. Phia Mostert
Tel: (028) 214 3386

Services within Municipality that promote BEE
Training sessions organized for building competitiveness and capacity of emerging service providers on technical and administrative areas:

  • Tendering - basic and advanced
  • Pricing and costing
  • Business planning and workflow planning

Cell: 028 312 1812

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