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Overstrand Municipality

The Overstrand Municipality adopted a Preferential Procurement Policy, placing emphasis on empowerment of local service providers and opportunities for previously disadvantaged individuals. The other aspect is on capacity building with the aim of building competitiveness of emerging service providers.


BEE Procurement Opportunities within Municipality

Tenders and quotations are advertised using a variety of medium of communication. The Municipality makes use of its website, www.overstrand.gov.za , community and Municipal notice boards, local and national newspapers, the CIDB for construction related tenders and SITA for IT related tenders.

  • Tenders less than R30 000 "quotation" is directly requested from the Service Provider
  • Amounts above R30 000 - R200 000 are referred to as "official quotation" advertised on the website as per regulation and advertised on the notice boards
  • Over R200 000 go on a formal tender process

Services within Municipality that promote BEE

Numerous training opportunities are organised based on practicality and link to opportunities. In the previous financial the Municipality procured out of its capital and operational budget about 80 - 85% on local service providers, about 17.5% of that on BEE and 7% on women owned companies.

Service Providers are urged to register on the Municipality SCM database and with Shaun Moses for the emerging service provider's database for training and other opportunities. The Overstrand Municipality subscribe to BBBEEE principles and practices as outlined in the IDP - giving people equal opportunities to grow and participate in the economy of the Overstrand.

The Municipality introduced innovative programmes such as the Local Labour Promotion Project (LLPP) affording up and coming contractors and service providers an opportunity to work with the Municipality and the emphasis being on local labour promotion, participation of local emerging service providers for the promotion of BEE.

Training sessions organised for building competitiveness and capacity of emerging service providers on technical and administrative. Training organised on:

  • Tendering - basic and advanced
  • Pricing and costing
  • Business planning and workflow planning
  • Health and Safety
  • Technical training based on the job training (bricklaying, plumbing, paving, plastering, carpentry)



For more information contact:

Contact for emerging contractor and service provider development: Director Economic Development and Tourism:
Solomzi Madikane
Tel: 028 313 8066
E-mail: smadikane@overstrand.gov.za

LED Manager: Shaun Moses
Tel: 028 313 8195
E-mail: smoses@overstrand.gov.za

Supply Chain Manager (SCM): Rita La Cock
Tel: (028) 313 8080
E-mail: rlacock@overstrand.gov.za

Gert Wepener
Email: gwepener@overstrand.gov.za

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