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BEE Procurement Opportunities within Municipality


SCM is responsible for ensuring sound; sustainable and accountable supply chain management, which adheres to the principles of a procurement system that is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective, in accordance with the Constitution of South Africa. A complaints register is currently in place for all aggrieved parties to be completed, after which due processes will follow.

A gift Register is maintained within every directorate to record all gifts received under the amount of R350.

Tenders can be obtained via the www.westcoastdm.co.za/tenders or in the local and regional newspapers.



For more information contact:
Manager: Supply Chain Management
Dalleel Jacobs
Tel: 021 807 4877
Fax: 021 708 4898
E-mail: Dalleel.Jacobs@drakenstein.gov.za

Acquisitions and Disposal: Enquiries
Larry Koekemoer / Amanda Swart
Tel: 021 807 6200
021 807 4629

Contract Management: Enquiries
Clive Adams
Tel: 021 807 4876

Tenders and Evaluation: Enquiries
Jacqueline Sauls / Clive Adams
Tel: 021 807 4628
021 807 4628

SCM performance, risk and compliance
Cindy Hess
Tel: 021 807 6248

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