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BEE Procurement Opportunities within Municipality


The George Municipality adopted a Supply Chain Management Policy that is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost effective. The Municipality has a preferential procurement system which is in line with the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act.

The PPPFA allow for a preferential point system to be followed, placing emphasis on historically disadvantaged individuals and empowerment of local suppliers. In the current financial year from July 2009 up to the end of April 2010 George Municipality requested 89 formal written quotations and tenders. About 73% was procured from local suppliers, 27% from HDI and 9% from women owned companies.

Potential suppliers are urged to complete the necessary application form for registration on the SCM database of George Municipality.

  • With the PPPFA regulations in place there are many opportunities for contractors and suppliers to tender within municipality
  • Rand value of tenders for the 2009/10 financial year is +/- R 250 000 000
  • Tenders less than R30 000: minimum of three quotations directly from suppliers on database
  • Tenders between R30 000 and R200 000 a formal written price quotation advertised normally for 7 days on our website and notice boards and if necessary in local newspaper
  • Tenders above R200 000: Advertised from 14 up to 30 days depending on the value or duration of the tender
  • +/- 100 tenders are made available annually
  • Tenders are made available on a weekly basis
  • Tenders are advertised on the Municipal Website, Notice boards, Newspapers and CIDB for construction related tenders
  • Tenders can be accessed online on:

Services within Municipality that promote BEE

Training sessions is given to help contractors and suppliers with tender documents and the CIDB regulations and requirements in all the areas in George. Job training in the construction sector is also given.

The Municipality introduced programs such as the Expanded Public Works Program (EPWP) affording up and coming local contractors an opportunity to work with the Municipality on certain projects and contracts with emphasis on training and empowerment.



For more information contact:

Supply Chain Manager: Mr. M Gericke
Tel: 044 801 9137

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