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The Directorate: Sustainability’s main vision is the mainstreaming of sustainability in the Western Cape in alignment to the Provincial Strategic Goal 4 (PSG 4), namely, to enable a resilient, sustainable, quality and inclusive living environment. The Directorate works towards this vision through a holistic and coordinated approach in championing Innovation, Sustainability, Resource Efficiency, Environmental Economy Green Jobs, and Environmental Education and Awareness through policy and practice or to a particular strategic issue. The Directorate furthermore works towards the aligning of sustainability objectives and outcomes throughout the Department, Western Cape Government and the Western Cape more broadly.


1. Environmental Education and Awareness (EEA)

  • Western Cape Environmental Education Forum 
  • Support programmes: Teacher and Learner Support programmes
  • Greenest Municipality Competition (GMC)
  • Government Employees Training

2. Sustainability Integration and Reporting

  • State of the Environment Outlook Report 
  • Environmental Implementation Plan/Environmental Management Plan (EIP/EMP)
  • Research, Innovation and sustainability knowledge management

3. Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP)

  • EPWP Environment & Culture (EAC) sector coordination
  • Project implementation, unlocking potential and leveraging private sector investment

4. Green Economy Reporting

  • Green Economy Indicator Reporting
  • Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP)
  • Too wise to waste (2W2W)

Green Economy Project

State of Environment Outlook Report 2018