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‘Climate Change’, as we use the term today, refers to changes in the world’s climate induced by the release of greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere by human activities, primarily through the burning of fossil fuels for energy. Unless we reduce the emissions and prepare society for the impacts of the expected changes, our natural, social and economic systems will be impacted to a point where decent living conditions will become impossible to maintain.

The Climate Change Directorate coordinates the provincial response to climate change. Our approach is to integrate response actions into the social and economic developmental service delivery goals of the Western Cape Government. The Western Cape Government’s existing cabinet endorsed strategy “Western Cape Climate Change Response Strategy 2014” outlines the approach for the government and region in partnership with numerous stakeholders.   

The Strategy has a two-pronged approach to addressing climate change:

  • Mitigation: contribute to national and global efforts to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and build a sustainable low carbon economy, which simultaneously addresses the need for economic growth, job creation and improving socio-economic conditions.
  • Adaptation: reduce climate vulnerability and develop the adaptive capacity of the Western Cape’s economy, its people, its ecosystems and its critical infrastructure in a manner that simultaneously addresses the province’s socio-economic and environmental goals.   

Given the escalation of climate change concerns to ‘Climate Crisis’ state, a revision of the strategy is called for. Accordingly, a draft revised strategy document, our ‘Vision 2050’, is available for comment and discussion until January 2022. The revised strategy aims to respond to the urgency surrounding the response to the climate emergency, and guide the necessary structural adjustments to the Western Cape Province’s social, economic and governance structures. Our hope is that the opportunity for stakeholder contribution can help ‘co-create’ the strategy, through incorporation of a wider range of perspectives.

The discussion draft version of the Western Cape Climate Change Response Strategy: Vision 2050 is available here. Comments may be submitted directly to the Climate Change team via


  • Coordinate the Western Cape Climate Change Response Strategy, and the Climate Change Response Forum and Work Group 
  • Coordinate and provide technical advice on integrating climate change responses across all sectors
  • Undertake climate change policy and strategy development and implementation support
  • Catalyse climate change research, knowledge development, partnerships and financing
  • Lead the coordination of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions reporting
  • Provide climate change Municipal Support
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The Economic Risks and Opportunities of Climate Resilience in the Western Cape

Climate Change Mitigation Scenarios for the Energy Sector (2015)

Full Report (pdf, 1.14 MB)
Infographic Summary (pdf, 360.35 KB)

Sea Level Rise Risk Assessments (2011/12):



West Coast

Other Research Reports

Assessing Climate Change Risks and Impacts on the Health Sector in the Western Cape, South Africa

Climate Change Finance

Increasing Investment in Climate Change Related Projects at the Sub National Level (DEA&DP & TAU 2013):

Funding sources for municipalities: 


The Western Cape Climate Change Projects Database captures climate change mitigation and adaptation projects that are being (or were) implemented in the Western Cape to date.

Click on the link below to download the Western Cape Climate Change Projects Database:

WC CC DB v.2020.09.xlsx (xlsx, 137.88 KB)

To upload a new project to the database, or to update an existing project, please download and complete the CC Projects Database Template below and email to the address provided:

Contact the database administrator via email here or on 021 483 4004.

General enquiries: 021 483 3966