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Table Mountain is one of seven finalists who made the list of the New7Wonders of Nature competition and highlight Cape Town's rich natural and cultural wealth.

Our senior citizens are our the pillars in our communities because they’re filled with wisdom and valuable life skills which we can use to our benefit. It's important to acknowledge our senior citizens and the contribution that they're making to our society. 

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A list of definitions to be read in connection with the determining of tariff structures and the calculation and raising of fees.
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This is a general guide dealing with the taxation of small businesses. It includes information on small business tax amnesty legislation.
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This is a guide to income tax and capital gains tax for the 2005/2006 financial year.
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This document briefly sets out the progress of the taxi recapitalisation programme from 1999 to July 2003.

This booklet was designed and compiled as part of the Nama Awareness Campaign of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport in the Western Cape.

Applying for a job can be stressful. You can find yourself caught between optimism about the jobs you've applied for and stress that you may not get a job at all.

There are, however a couple of things you can do to improve your chances of being employed.  We spoke to Maxeen Bremer, a recruitment specialist, about the 10 dos and don’ts you should remember when applying for a job.


The Department of Transport and Public Works' tender results and awards are listed here.

The Provincial Public Works tenders awarded since 2012.

Provincial Government Tenders are listed weekly in this National publication. You can also download tender bulletins from the national government website.

The Government has endorsed the notion of partnerships with key stakeholders to improve efficiency in the delivery of housing opportunities and therefore the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements (the Department) has developed a Partnership Strategy. The Department, as a first step to operationalizing this Strategy, hosted a Human Settlements Partnership Summit on 24 April 2017. The summit focused on Employer-Assisted Housing through partnerships.

This is not a comprehensive list. To find specific results of Departments' tenders, view contacts.
Prices received for tenders and quotations at the Department of Transport and Public Works are listed here.

Prices received for tenders and quotations at the Department of Transport and Public Works are listed here.

Prices received for tenders and quotations at the Department of Transport and Public Works are listed here.

Prices received for tenders and quotations at the Department of Transport and Public Works are listed here.

Welcome to eTenderPublication

Welcome to the government of South Africa’s eTenderPublication portal.

This portal provides a single point of access to information on all tenders made by all public sector organisations at all spheres of government. This includes tenders of amongst others all National and Provincial Departments, Metros, District Municipalities, Local Municipalities, Municipal Entities, all Public Entities, State Owned Enterprises, Constitutional Bodies etc.

The Department of Human Settlements provides you with up to date and relevant information on tenders advertised, bids received, tenders awarded as well as useful supporting information.

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This pamphlet will help you understand what happens in theatre.

The project was initially targeted only toward domestic workers of the Thembelihle Housing and Savings group who in 1999 approached the minister for assistance with a housing project. Since then many members have either dropped out of the project, or did not qualify for an opportunity based on their income.  This left opportunities available on the project.

The Thuso Mentorship mentorship helps entrepreneurs develop the skills they need to run successful businesses. This is a brief guide to how it works and how to apply.

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This pamphlet outlines the services offered by the Thuso Mentorship Programme and explains how entrepreneurs can access these services.
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This brochure explains how the Thuso Mentorship Scheme works and how SMMEs can participate in the scheme.
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Reliable information and advice on what steps to take if your child has symptoms of diarrhoea. The causes of diarrhoea are spelt out clearly to help parents.

This document contains tips from procurement officers in the Provincial Government on how to improve your chances of successfully bidding for government tenders.
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This statement announces the start of a national mobilisation for education and training. It outlines the state of education in South Africa and the areas needing urgent attention. The statement introduces the Tirisano National Education Strategy and identifies nine education priorities.
The Western Cape Government is committed to provide all citizens the opportunity to improve their quality of life and the chance to realise their potential.
Even though many children are born into poverty every year, we believe it’s possible to break the cycle of poverty in one generation. But no government can make this happen on its own.  Every person, every family and every organisation has a role to play.
Watch our government in action and share the message with your friends, colleagues and neighbours. 

What is a Bursary?
A bursary is a monetary contribution towards your tertiary studies. There are different types of bursaries, such as a full bursary, a partial bursary or a work-back bursary. Bursaries offered by provincial departments are limited in number and have conditions attached to them. Applicants should make sure that they are aware of these conditions before applying.

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This document considers the pros and cons of starting a tourism business and guides you through a number of questions that you will need to answer before deciding to start a new business.
Tourism Plenary Meetings
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Tourist guides must sign the Tourist Guide Code of Conduct and Ethics as part of their official registration with the Department.
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The information leaflet attached has Safety Information for tourists, from travel tips to contact numbers in South Africa.
This report aims to provide strategic direction to the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve (KBR).

The National Department of Human Settlements would like interested members of the public to add their inputs and suggestions to the draft White Paper on Human Settlements. The White Paper will be a fundamental policy document that carves the development path and subsequent implementation of Integrated Human Settlements in South Africa. It is important to note that this is an opportunity to influence national Human Settlements policy making and the opportunity to review such policy only arises every 10 years. All inputs can be sent directly to on or before 31 March 2016.

Trade and Sector Development in the Western Cape

The Trade and Sector Development Programme focuses on stimulating economic growth through industry development, and trade and investment promotion.

Traffic fines in the Western Cape increased on 1 August 2014. You can see the full list of traffic fines in Traffic Law Enforcement's Offence Code Book.

Please Note: Closing date for applications is 19 June 2015 at 16:00.


Thirty-four traffic officers graduated from Gene Louw Traffic College on 20 June 2014.The graduates received their Traffic Diplomas and Traffic Peace Officer registrations.

Read more on the graduation ceremony.

Many commuters choose to travel to work by train because it’s inexpensive and they don’t have to deal with the stresses that come with being on the road in peak hour traffic.

In the same way that good safety practices keep people safe on the road, rail passengers have to practise good railway safety, including platform safety.

Be cautious and patient

Although rail commuters often focus on the safety of the trip, the risks of not adhering to platform safety regulations include serious injury or even death.

The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works delivers infrastructure and services to the people of the province to promote positive socio-economic outcomes and safe, empowered and connected communities.

The Department has a number of notable achievements to report in November 2015.

You are invited to comment on the Transport Impact Assessments: Draft Regulations on minimum requirements in terms of sections 29(2) and (3) of the National Land Transport Transition Act, 2000 (Act No. 22 of 2000).

Every year, South Africa highlights the critically important role that transport plays in the economy during October Transport Month.

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This pamphlet will serve as a guide, giving you all sorts of helpful information.

Road users must be extra vigilant this festive season to ensure that they and their families arrive safely at their destinations.

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This brochure is aimed at tourists who are also seeking business opportunities in the Cape.
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A health workers' guide to successfully controlling Tuberculosis by learning about the disease including, the basics of the SA National TB Control Programme, diagnosis, treatment, resistance, DOTS and managing TB and HIV.