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Taking care of older people in our communities

Older persons weekOur senior citizens are the pillars of our communities. It's important to acknowledge our senior citizens and the contribution that they're making to our society. It’s important that we care for our older citizens and ensure that they remain safe and well looked after during their twilight years. 

Services for our senior citizens

We want to ensure the well-being of everyone, including older people. As part of our commitment to best serve and protect our senior citizens, we offer the following key services:

1. Care and accommodation:
Community-based care promotes good health and prevents sickness while providing the elderly with rehabilitative care as well.

The purpose of home community-based care is to: 

  • maintain the health and well-being of the elderly,
  • prevent them from getting sick,
  • help them care for minor health problems and long-term conditions, and
  • make sure they recover from illnesses and hospitalisation.

Community-based care and support services are provided by service centres operated by registered NPO’s. If you need assistance or more information you can contact a public health facility near you.  

Accommodation for older persons

Looking for a home is never an easy process, especially if it’s for an elderly person who needs a lot of caring and love. You must find an option that will suit your needs and pocket.

Assisted living

Assisted living is the provisioning of affordable, safe and accessible accommodation, with access to support services for active older persons who are independent, with or without assistive devices and who need some form of supervision and assistance regarding their activities of daily living.

Independent living

Independent living is the provisioning of affordable, safe and accessible accommodation to active older persons, who are fully independent, with or without assistive devices and who don't need assistance regarding their activities of daily living.

Both Independent and Assisted living facilities are operated by registered NPO’s and funded by the Department of Social Development.

Frail care facility (old age homes)

Older persons in need of 24-hour care due to their physical and mental condition can receive care and services at a frail care facility.

Older persons weekService centres for older persons

Service Centres for Older Persons are operated by registered NPO’s and provide community-based care and support services for older persons. Service centres provide older persons with the opportunity to engage in a range of activities and services such as exercise, recreational activities, cultural and spiritual activities, awareness campaigns, educational and skills activities as well as lunches.

Specialised organisations

Specialised organisations are non-profit organisations (NPO’s) that are delivering services of a specialised nature to older persons, such as dementia/Alzheimer care and elder abuse

2. Other services:

​The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provide assistance for an old-age pension. SASSA can determine whether or not you qualify for a grant by looking at the amount you earn and things you own (called a means test).

For more information on services and facilities catering for older persons, contact the Department of Social Development toll-free on: 0800 220 250.

Caring for the elderly

You can show that you care:

  • by visiting them at their old age home and spending time with them, or
  • by giving of your time and becoming a volunteer at an old-age home.

Stop the abuse of older persons

If you're aware of an older person being abused, make sure that you report it immediately to the Western Cape Department of Social Development by calling 0800 220 250.

The content on this page was last updated on 14 June 2021