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Together, We Can Be Better

The Western Cape Government is committed to provide all citizens the opportunity to improve their quality of life and the chance to realise their potential.
Even though many children are born into poverty every year, we believe it’s possible to break the cycle of poverty in one generation. But no government can make this happen on its own.  Every person, every family and every organisation has a role to play.
Watch our government in action and share the message with your friends, colleagues and neighbours. 

Let's Work Together 
While it is our job to provide you with opportunities, it’s your responsibility to make use of these opportunities.
For example, it’s our job is to deliver better health services, but you must take responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle, visit your local clinic and always practice safe sex.
Government’s job is to provide better education for all, but parents have to make sure that they are involved in their children’s schooling career and ensure that their children stay in school until they finish matric. 

If you are a struggling parent, you can get a child grant from the government which will help you support your child financially. But as responsible parents, you must use this money to feed and care for your child and not to spend it on yourself.

Be Committed

We are committed to creating safer communities, but bringing down crime is everyone’s responsibility. Citizens must become involved through neighbourhood watches, community policing and the reporting of criminal activities such as illegal shebeens.
As individuals, as communities, as a province, we need to work together to achieve this.  Together, we can Better!


The content on this page was last updated on 11 August 2014